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19 April, 2024

Detailed SALSA® Reports & Analysis ✨
🌙 Dreams and Desires Analysis: SALSA® analysis to provide more detailed insights into dreams and desires, helping users better understand their aspirations and motivations.
🌀 Karmic Portal Analysis: Implemented advanced techniques for karmic analysis, offering deeper insights into past actions and their influence on present life situations.
🌟 Life Purpose Indications: Fine-tuned the life purpose analysis module to provide clearer indications of an individual's core life mission and direction.
💰 Money Indications: The analysis of financial aspects, including wealth potential and money management insights, aiding users in making informed financial decisions.
❤️ Health Indications: Health analysis to provide more accurate health indicators and suggestions for maintaining well-being.
🗓️ Two-Year Life Focus: Analysing and focusing on life goals and priorities for the upcoming two years, assisting users in planning and achieving their objectives.

30 March, 2024

Increased Limit for Daily Predictions 🌟
Enjoy more insights with our increased Daily Predictions email limit! You can now add up to 5 emails for daily predictions without needing to upload your SALSA® Golden Certificate.
Unlock unlimited predictions (*subject to fair usage policy) by simply uploading your SALSA® Golden Certificate.

18 March, 2024

Introducing Customized Dasha Analysis 🌟
Personalized Analysis: Explore our new feature for Customized Dasha Analysis! Users can now delve into any dasha sequence—past or future—tailored to their specific profile.
Comprehensive Understanding: 🚀 Gain a deeper understanding of astrological timelines with Customized Dasha Analysis. Discover significant indications and analysis within your Dasha sequence to Make informed decisions and plan effectively.

10 March, 2024

Introducing Numerology Analysis Option⭐
Introducing Numerology Analysis: Dive deeper into Native profiles with our latest feature - Numerology Analysis. Unlock enhanced perspectives and gain deeper insights into various aspects.
Explore Enhanced Insights: Discover a whole new level of understanding with Numerology Analysis. Elevate your experience and uncover valuable insights into Native profiles like never before.
Custom Place Addition Now Available📍
Custom Place Addition: Exciting update! You can now personalize your profiles by adding custom places.
Tailored Location Experience: With the addition of custom places, we're capturing the pattern for relevant places, refining our curated places API to better suit your needs, offering a more tailored and curated location experience in coming days.
Predictions on Software & Feedback Feature 🎉
Software Predictions Added: Exciting news! We've added daily predictions of recent three days in software. Explore indications catered in software for a more informed decision-making & awareness.
Share Feedback for Improvement: Your insights matter! In software predictions feature you can share your feedback on its relevance to you. Your valuable input helps us refine and enhance our predictions for your benefit.

12 February, 2024

Important Update: Dasha Sequence Discrepancy📣
We've heard your feedback regarding a mismatch in the Dasha Sequence between our Software and AstroSage.
After thorough investigation, it appears that the difference stems from how Moon degrees are rounded: AstroSage rounds off after two digits, whereas our system maintains precision without rounding. Rest assured, our approach prioritizes accuracy. No action is needed on our end. 🛠️

5 February, 2024

Enhanced Panchang for Personalized Locations 📿
Experience the enhanced dynamic Panchang, offering real-time updates and a more detailed, organized presentation of daily Panchang data.🔄🚀
Personalize your Panchang experience by setting your preferred location, ensuring the information is tailored specifically to you.✨📍

2 February, 2024

Chart Clarity and Mood Correction 🪐
Resolved the issue of duplicate planets in the combined chart for native profiles, Specifically during MePlanet transitions, leading to an improved and corrected presentation of Mood of Planet scores for MePlanet. 🌌📊
Expanded Location Options: Introduced new places to enhance user exploration and provide a broader selection of locations. 🌍🗺️

28 January, 2024

🔐 Community Code & Remedies Access!
Community Code Introduced: We've added a 'Community Code' field to identify genuine community members. Codes will be shared upon purchase. 🤝
All subscribers now have universal access to all available remedies. Enjoy the expanded benefits! 🌟"🚀

25 January, 2024

Enhanced Daily Predictions Access🌟
Limited Email for Daily Predictions: All subscribers can access Daily Predictions now, but there's a limitation of adding email to only one Profile to get daily predictions.
Unlock Unlimited Emails🔓: Upload your SALSA® Golden Certificate to remove restrictions and add email to unlimited Profiles for a more comprehensive experience.🚀

24 January, 2024

Optimized Analysis Process🔍
Sequential Generation Prompt: Users will now be guided to generate the Combined Relationship first before Mood of Planets for accurate insights. 🔄🌌
Enhanced UI & Empty States: The user interface for situations with no data has been improved, providing a cleaner and more user-friendly experience. 🖥️✨

21 January, 2024

Conjunction Bug 🐞 Rectified
Conjunction Issue Resolved: A rare bug involving the conjunction of planets in the 12th and 1st house with precisely 15 degrees has been identified and fixed.
Community Contribution: Special thanks to our community member, Anitha R Mohanraj Ji, for reporting the issue. Your contribution is highly appreciated!

16 January, 2024

Places API Enhancement! 🚀✨
More Coverage: Our places API now includes Cities, Districts, and Towns, expanding your search options.
Village Exploration: Discover famous villages alongside cities with our latest API update.
Improved Search: Experience an enhanced browsing experience as our places API continues to evolve. ✨

14 January, 2024

Certificate Upload Enhancements
Unlock SALSA Features: Users can now upload SALSA golden and diamond certificates to access exclusive features.
Enhanced Profile: Showcase your achievements with badges by uploading certificates to your profile.

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