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The electronics sector produces electronic equipment for industries and consumer electronics products, such as computers, televisions and circuit boards. Electronics sector industries include telecommunications, equipment, electronic components, industrial electronics and consumer electronics.
Electrical manufacturing includes manufacturing of generators, boilers, turbines, electrical transformers, electrical cables & wires, switchgears, capacitors, instrumentation & control equipment.
The electronics industry can be broken down into three main categories: semiconductors, Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). To simplify things, out of these industry sub verticals, we’ll focus on the challenges faced small to mid-sized contract manufacturers:
SHRINKING OPERATING MARGINS – Global competition and new innovations are driving prices down. Companies must continually become more cost-efficient to remain profitable.
COMPLEX GLOBAL SUPPLY-CHAIN – More and more, companies are having to juggle internal and external resources while staying within international standards. Issues such as traceability and compliance are increasing operational burdens.
SERVICE AND WARRANTY MANAGEMENT – Leveraging the global supply-chain is putting more focus on supplier quality management. Having a strong quality and traceability system directly affects warranty reserve and post-production service hours.
SHORT PRODUCT LIFECYCLES – With quickly changing consumer tastes and preferences, EMS companies and contract manufacturers need to have effective New Product Introduction (NPI) processes in place. Closed-loop communication between sales, manufacturing, and engineering is vital to ensure product launches hit time, volume, and quality targets.
Although these challenges may seem intimidating, companies have been dealing with them at some level for a very long time. SAP Business One integrating aspects of the value chain with core modules like CRM, Finance & Accounts, Inventory Management, Sales, Purchase, Banking which specifically address the challenges of these project-based businesses. can help to battle these challenges and streamline business.
SAP Business One Key features for Electrical & Electronics
Bill of Materials Management
Inventory Management System
Material Requirement planning
Advanced Planning and Scheduling
Batch production
Purchase and planning
Costing and Quality Management
Supply Chain & Sales Management
Multiple Warehouse Management
Easy Integration with Subsystems -Integrate with CAD and PLM machines and devices.
SAP Business One Benefits for Electrical & Electronic Industry
Effective production and supply chain management
Streamline business processes as per the market needs.
Better integration to ensure that your manufacturing company is effective and efficient with your time and resources.
Maintain Quality and monitor at every stage of production.
On time shipment as per delivery scheduling
Effective manufacturing and Quality management for streamline shop floor activities.
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