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General onboarding & BallotReady life - no specific session
What is the task “Brex: I have enabled 2FA” referring to?
Great question! For this & the next, we’ll remove these from your/intern onboarding—they’re access tools other staff need that we don’t think you’ll need to use during your time with us.
General onboarding & BallotReady life - no specific session
How do we set up 1Password?
Great question! For this & the next, we’ll remove these from your/intern onboarding—they’re access tools other staff need that we don’t think you’ll need to use during your time with us.
#1: Intro to BallotReady
How do we avoid answering partisan questions when working with specific political groups?
Not 100% sure I understand the question, so let me (Sabine) know if this isn’t it — but I think the key thing here is to be nonpartisan in our engagement given communicating about BallotReady’s work, product, etc., should be about those elements independent of political partisanship.
#4: Civics 101
Should part 1 and 2 be the same video?
Nope - thank you for catching! Should be fixed now :)
#2: Tech Tools & Policies
So while we work for BallotReady, we aren’t allowed to ever promote or support a politician or is it just in the context of representing BallotReady?
Great question! The important distinction is the one you noted, which is to draw clear boundaries between you as a private citizen and you as a current BallotReady employee. As much as possible, we need your discretion and attention to that boundary to help make sure our constituents can trust in our nonpartisanship.
#5: Year Round Product Overview
What is the timeline for the year-round product? Would we as summer interns be able to contribute to that? What is the current status of the product (how much has it been built out)?
Awesome question. We’re now thinking of a spectrum of things people can do year-round and building some tools while we continue to test hypotheses and validate our assumptions around a broader advocacy tool. Year-Round Products: 1. Voter registration launching in June - folks can register anytime during the year! 2. Officeholder data also launching in June for organizations to connect with appointed and elected officials at all levels. 3. CivicEngine - a year round election center slated for improvements this summer where users can see upcoming elections and interact with all of our tools 4. Advocacy tool - starting with an office holder lookup, and continuing to learn more. We would love for interns to contribute to this work, especially the learning and research - we’ll coordinate internally and get back to you.
#8: Products and Customers
Is there a place for us to see all of the customers who have worked with BallotReady?
we don’ currently have a comprehensive list thats visible outside of our CRM (which requires a login and is only used by the sales and cs teams). we’re working on a dashboard that will pull this information into a format that’s viewable across the company, but in the interim:

here’s where we track our current customers:

#10: OKRs 101
Will interns be tasked with making OKRs and using the OKRs task spreadsheet tracker?
Great question! I don’t think you’ll be tasked with making OKRs, especially as I think you’ll miss the window in which we’ll be revisiting/revising them as a company. While I doubt you’ll be directly inputting updates into the OKR tracker, I think this is a great question because we should (ideally) be clear with you about how the work you’re doing directly rolls up into our company-wide OKRs and goals.
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