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UPGS Welcome Packet: Thetis Heights Veterinary Clinic

Welcome to the UPGS Program

The most comprehensive and exciting practice growth program available!

Hi Thetis Heights Veterinary Clinic!
Welcome to the Ultimate Practice Growth System (aka UPGS) program! This program contains everything you always wanted to know about how to market your practice and realize the growth goals you've set.
This is your starting line into the most exciting, comprehensive, and rewarding practice growth system available today.
We've created this welcome packet for YOU to get acquainted with the UPGS program at your own pace while you work with your Visibility Specialist creating your new 10 out of 10 website.
While we want you to work at your own pace, we also know that completing these startup tasks within the first 30 days will help to ensure a smooth transition into our proven strategies, sooner than later. But you're not alone. Your account manager is right there to help you every step of the way to help you stay on track.
Again, welcome! We are excited that you have entrusted us with your practice growth goals! Ready. Set. Go!
In your UPGS Welcome Packet:
ー meet your specialists
ー simple tasks to prepare for implementation
ー let's create a plan based on your priorities

Your DVMelite Team
Carolina Casso Lanza
Account Manager
1-800-469-1871 x335
Ann Somrah
Visibility Specialist
1-800-469-1871 x340
Christy Lui
Member Success Manager
1-800-469-1871 x321
There are no rows in this table

DVMelite Glossary
ACRONYMS YOU'LL HEAR FREQUENTLY: (don't worry, you'll become better acquainted with these over time!)
BIC - Breakthrough Ideas Call: A once-per-month live webinar geared specifically for your support staff to learn ways they can contribute to overall success and growth of your practice.
ESS - Elite Strategy Session: A once-per-month live webinar hosted by Dr. Michael Warren where he shares ways you can be a more effective and successful practice owner.
IPG - Instant Profit Generator: A pricing tool to help you strategically adjust pricing.
PGA - Practice Growth Academy: Robust and comprehensive online archive of past webinars used for staff training and practice growth.
AM - Account Manager: Your dedicated one-to-one marketing strategist who walks alongside you during your entire journey through the UPGS program.
POD - Practice of Dreams: Small groups of DVMelite practice owners who meet monthly to discuss victories, challenges, solutions, and connect.
UPGS - Ultimate Practice Growth System: The name we give this AMAZING program you've decided to become a part of that helps you grow your practice.

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