Stanford ceramics membership roles

This quarter, we’re asking members to sign up for a studio role. This will help keep the studio running sustainably, and it will also help members learn about new aspects of ceramics that you may not have experienced before.
There are a variety of roles with varying time commitments, so you can find a few options that work for you. Please submit your preferences at the very bottom of the page, and we will let you know once we have assigned everyone! Please select multiple preferences.
Available roles
Time Commitment
Extra Incentives
Time Commitment
Extra Incentives
Fire and unload the kiln
Load the kiln at least 3x per quarter
Unload the kiln as necessary
Contiguous block of 2-3 hours at least 3 times per quarter
Free bag of clay every 3 firings
Teach workshops
Teach at least one workshop per quarter
Workshops could be for members/students, or for community members that have been wanting to take a class but couldn’t get in
Could cover topics like carving, slip trailing, luster/decals, or whatever is interesting
~4-5 hours per workshop (including prep and teaching), twice per quarter
Cleaning team
Keep the studio clean beyond what class cleanup tasks take care of
Responsibilities may include cleaning the clay trap and sink tub, helping with the quarterly bisque rotation, clearing out abandoned bags of clay, cleaning class shelves in between quarters, mopping, organizing tools, or washing aprons.
Varies by role; some roles will require work throughout the quarter, whereas others (e.g. helping with quarterly studio deep clean) may only require coming in once to help. Average 4 hours/quarter
Studio administration
Give studio and safety orientation to new members
Ideally this should be someone who has been in the studio for some time
Train new people in safety, how to respect the space, how to keep it clean
~2 hours per orientation, up to twice a quarter
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