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I am the Rebel Golem, and my cause was none other than peace... This is my story.

I was one of the Golems who was in charge of protecting the outskirts of the village together with other Golems... There were always rumours that one day the peace would come to an end, by a great battle! We all assumed it would be at the hands of our enemies, which is why my job as protector was so important...

One day while standing guard, I saw a butterfly perched on an old log. The Golems are allergic to them because of their magical "Chucopox" powders, which make them sneeze and glow in the light. So, in trying to remove this unruly butterfly, I inadvertently broke the rotten log... inside, I found a key and a small mysterious map.

Intrigued by this discovery, the map led me to a cave, a ruin where there were the remains of several Golems in golden armour. And at the end of the cave, there was a rock chest embedded in the surface of the cave. ....

It had a lock... that seemed unbreakable, so I used the key. It turned out to be the right one. When I opened it, I found a small book. In this book was the complete history of the Golems, the gods, and how they gave the magical gifts. But, at the end of the book was a great warning... a great prophecy about the end times, where it said that the kingdoms would fall because of the greed of the golem gods. It said that the power of the Gods would come to an end, and peace would be lost...

But already on the last page, a text said something else... "Only he who rejects his heart and his magical nature, not to be part of any side, would be worthy of finding the answer to peace, an immense secret magical power that grows from the bowels of the stones of the Golems, being the fruit of the absence of the power of the orbs. It is the ultimate answer that will bring peace to all the creatures of Giblatön..... This Golem must reject its magic and live a wandering life for this unknown power to grow within it...and surpass even the orbs of power.

But, as I continued reading that book... A golem from the darkness tapped my shoulder! My kidney stones almost came out. That golem said: "The day has come! I have been guarding the chest for many years. I remember when the golem god sent us to protect this place... the god told us that a golem would come who would be willing to deny himself and fulfil what the book dictates".

I asked: So... No other golem has ever refused the gods power? No other has ever refused his orb? Why do you think I will?

No... no other has done so. Said the ancient golem.

Ancient Golem: Well, you see... The god needs his magic power to rule the golems, and we need our orbs too, we need it to live! This magic makes us who we are, it makes us Golems. The truth is that no golem has ever wanted to be the one who refuses his magic... But you! You seem to be the one... There is something I must show you, said that dying golem in golden armour.

He took a vial of "Chucopox" butterfly powder and it fluttered and glowed, illuminating the cave wall and revealing a picture of a golem... one that fulfilled the physical characteristics of the golem bearing the ultimate power. And they were all the ones I possessed... it looked just like me.

Ancient Golem: Something tells me that you are the one... and listen, when the time comes, the golem kingdom will fall... Only we and our old god knew of this book... So when the day comes, it will be up to you to keep the peace... Or perhaps, to end it.

Then I asked: What will happen to my magical essence, my orb... if I reject it?

Ancient Golem: You will have to lock your magical essence here in this stone chest so that it can remain empty. I will stay to protect it, while I still have the strength. You will have to wander in the forest in order to find the answer that lies within you... without your magic, you will be able to see without the blindfold that golems have... and that is how you will find the power. The day you least expect it, that magic moment will reignite your golem heart. Are you ready?

I thought about it for a long moment... and asked him a few last questions:
Will I lose my love for my own, my brother Golems, when I release my magic?

Ancient Golem: You will. It is necessary for you to find peace. But you will have to find it yourself again.

I loved my golem people, I was their protector, but I could not guard a kingdom that would fall, and if I am the one who must reject their power.... Then so be it! At that moment I concentrated on the chest and my magical essence came out of me, and stayed there. I was empty of magical power. And, in fact, of other things.... I had not lost my memory, but I had lost something else by leaving my magical essence.

At that moment I said to the ancient golem: How strange... I did all this for the future of Giblatön... but now I don't really feel anything for them. I don't even care about them, I don't think my magic is gone, I don't know if this is good or bad. I don't know if this is good or bad anymore. You tricked me!

No! said the golem. Maybe you don't understand, but your journey has just begun. You don't have your magical essence anymore, and you don't feel anything for them, the golems, either. But sooner or later you will find it again... just... don't forget it.

I hope so, I said. I hope so, I said.
That day I left the cave without understanding much, I had lost my motivation, but I knew I had to do something if what that prophecy said was real, only now the line is somewhat blurred. I think I am now the Rebel Golem.... I don't belong anywhere. But I know that someday I will.

Since then, I don't quite remember if the golems are the enemy or not.... Now I live only for my interest, shoeing in the forest... Someday I will remember why I did all this. For now, the forest is my home...

I'm known as "The Rebel" I know my story isn't over yet!

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