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As the last point of Garr'ash's trident struck the ground, the rocks that formed the Rebel golem's body crunched harshly. He let out a deep cry of pain that echoed throughout the opening of the Infernal Abyss.
A halo of fire engulfed the golem, until it lost consciousness and stopped breathing. His body fell abruptly to the ground, and Sylverior released the chain that bound him. It was then that, above the entrance to the Abyss, a strange, dark, disembodied figure began to emerge.

The shadow of the Abyss began to advance towards the place where the ritual was being performed, and stood over the Rebel golem. With his black, smoky cloak, he wrapped him in it, and exclaiming a fiendish cackle, carried him off into the bowels of the underworld. Far away, in the depths of the Abyss, a multitude of battle cries could be heard being chanted in synchrony. The call was over, everyone was awake.

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