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I am Sylverior, Ancestral Demon, God and Lord of Hell. As the leader and creator of the demon race, my powers grant me absolute control of life beneath the earth. Lava flows and fire burns as I dictate. No one dares to confront me, for buried beneath the magma they may be. With all this, and the power offered to me by my sword, I yield part of my power so that this ritual may be consecrated.
Me, Durkho, Demon God and Warlord, offer part of my Destroying Mace as an offering. My eyes contain only rage, and my mind seeks only war. The horde of Demons follow me blindly into battle, they fight mercilessly to the death. The obsidian mace in my hands gains control of all who gaze upon it, and can control the strength of all who come near me.
My name is Ymantus, God of the Horde and Ancestral Warlock. My powerful energy comes from the centre of the planet, strong currents circulate through my body generating great rays around me. All the elements change at my whim, the wind, the rocks, the beings. There is nothing that can resist one of my spells, its soul will be controlled by my inner energy. Thus, I lend part of my inner energy as an offering.
I am Garr'ash, Demon God and Lord of Fire. My control over the fire beneath the earth is total. Volcanoes obey me, and magma erupts wherever I pass. My body is insatiable, cravings for heat run through all my limbs. The more I am surrounded by fire, the mightier is my trident. My weapon opens fearsome chasms before me, destroys everything in its path. I yield part of my trident so that this ritual may be consecrated.

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