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The Rebel Golem, terrified, began to back away from the nightmare. But it was too late, one of the 4 Demon Gods had him tied to one of the pillars with a chain.
Infernal words began to pour from the throat of one of the demonic figures. Then another of the other Gods began to imitate him. And so on, until the four Gods could be seen at the entrance to the underworld, reciting what seemed to be an ancient ritual.
Five demonic symbols began to be engraved in fire on the floor. One under each infernal figure, and the last under the rebellious golem, who was tied to a pillar in the centre of the ritual. As the four Gods continued the invocation, the earth vibrated again.

A circle of fire connected each and every symbol engraved on the ground, and all the Gods stopped reciting at once. The ritual was invoked. It was time for the offering.
Sylverior was the one to begin. He took his sword by the handle, and thrust it into the ground, piercing the demonic symbol that had been engraved beneath his feet. Next was Dhurko, and so on, until all 4 Gods had made their offering.

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