How mosquito nets drew our family close together?

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It may be a fascinating fact to know but mosquito screen doors can draw your family closer while keeping these small insects at bay!

We all are aware of the hazardous mosquitoes around us. These harmful insects bring along some deadly diseases like Malaria and Dengue. A report stated that about 4 billion people, which is half of the world’s population, live in areas that are prone to dengue. Another report stated that around 400 million people are affected by dengue every year.

Thus making these mosquitoes a huge concern for you and your family. Therefore, you should take appropriate measures like the usage of mosquito nets that would protect you and your family. These nets come in small holes to . They come in such a structure that can be tucked into your bedding to keep you safe.

Did you know?
The mosquito net doors can also keep your family closer and together while ensuring your safety from harmful mosquitoes. But the question here is;

How do mosquito net doors keep your family together?

Though, there are a lot of preventive measures which can be taken by people. There are different ideas like keeping the water in pots and tanks near you clean to avoid any breeding of mosquitoes. People have also started using artificial methods like repellents, sprays, creams, mosquito-killing racquets, nets, coils, , and other such methods to protect themselves from harmful mosquitoes. A large number of these mosquitoes makes it difficult for any preventive measure to control their breeding or protect ourselves from mosquito bites.

A lot of people thought mosquito screen doors to be the best method and one of the reasons behind this was that it drew the families closer together. The reason behind the advantage of this method is that in order to prevent mosquitoes from outside you have to close these nets or else the mosquitoes would enter the house.

Whether you use mosquito screen doors or bed nets, it binds the families to sit together in one room or like to stay in one place and not roam here and there. This is because if family members are sitting together in one place, they would have food together, talk with each other, share things about their day, and have fun together as a family.

It is true to say that nets like mosquito screen doors have brought family members together in all ways. Discussing about your life and doing things like eating with your family brings you closer to them. This has also made people give more time to their family instead of being engaged with work and calls all day. So, it is an extra advantage that mosquito screen doors offer while providing protection from harmful mosquitoes.

The installation of a mosquito screen door, and in your house makes it easier for the family members to take care of each other without worrying about getting bit by some harmful mosquitoes. These nets are a great idea as they do not isolate you from your family but rather help you to get close to them.

Another reason for adding to its advantages is its kid-friendly nature. These nets let you take care of your kid while being in the same place. Kids are more prone to diseases like dengue. As the nets do not have any artificial ingredients, they are safe for kids.

These mosquito screen doors or other nets work in such a way that it has very small holes in them which prevent the entry of these little mosquitoes. The other reasons that make mosquito screen doors a convenient method for protection are listed below:

These nets are portable and can be shifted.
Lightweight and easy to carry nature.
They have a very easy installation without any hassle.
Not much costly as compared to other methods.
Travel friendly.

Final Thoughts

You should keep your surroundings clean especially in terms of stagnant water as it is the favorite place of these mosquitoes. You can take preventive measures like avoiding going out in the dark at places like parks, or you can wear full-covered clothes to protect yourself from these dangerous diseases.

Children less than the age of five are the most prone to the disease of malaria. The children should be taken care of especially in the weather of summers and monsoon when these mosquitoes and air-borne diseases both are at their peak.
Moreover, don’t forget to use these mosquito screen doors to keep mosquitoes away from you and to bring your family closer to you.
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