Tile removal tampa

Removing tile can cost anywhere from $2–$7 per square foot. Costs range from $320–$1,120 for a 160-square-foot kitchen. Removing the tile yourself involves eight to 12 hours of work. Project costs include a few tools and supplies if you do it yourself.
The job of , or any floor removal process, can be a daunting task to take on your own. While the project itself is relatively easy and simple, it can become quite time consuming and physically strenuous. We can get the job done quickly and efficiently with industry leading equipment and our highly trained floor removal experts. We specialize in dust free tile removal to make sure that the surface is properly prepped before installing the new flooring.
At Premier Epoxy, we understand how important preparation is for epoxy flooring in Tampa. A primed surface is essential to achieving even flooring with the beautiful glass-like effect that makes epoxy so popular. Even more importantly, proper preparation addresses any damage or flaws in the concrete. Skipping this crucial step can affect longevity and lead to unnecessary expenses.
So what does the tile removal preparation process include? Here’s everything you need to know. Cost to Remove Ceramic Tile from Floors or Walls The average cost to remove tile is between $1.50 – $4.15 per square foot, with an average cost of $4.15/sqft for professional tile removal
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