Quartz flooring minneapolis

Swedesboro's epoxy quartz flooring is perfect for a wide variety of facilities. It is resistant against abrasions, chemicals, stains, heavy traffic, and impact to provide your facility with long-lasting durability you can trust. Our epoxy quartz flooring is a 1/8” system which further increases its impact durability. Our systems have no grout lines, making them less prone to dirt and bacteria build-up. It also gives them a beautiful, seamless look and makes them easier to clean. For even easier cleaning, we can install a custom integral cove to run up the wall.
Our epoxy system has excellent gloss retention that gives it a highly light reflective finish to make facilities look brighter and more appealing. The colored quartz built into this system has a decorative appearance and our standard or custom blends can match the existing design and color schemes in your facility. We have dozens of standard color blends from our manufacturers, or we can create custom blends and samples to achieve your desired result. Get in touch with our experts to learn more about epoxy quartz flooring and to start a partnership with SwedeBro today!
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