Polished concrete palm beach

Concrete Polishing is, relatively speaking, a very new and modern-day option when considering flooring systems. Practically an unknown flooring option not long ago, diamond-polishing technology now makes it possible to grind and polish concrete surfaces to a mirror like finish. For nearly a decade, Superior Floor Coatings has provided complete concrete polishing service, care, and maintenance to both residential and commercial customers throughout West Palm Beach, FL and the surrounding areas. For more details visit here
INDUSTRIAL CONCRETE POLISHING: Superior Floor Coatings offers the Highest-Quality, Durable, and Moisture Controlled Industrial Flooring. Saving money, while improving both appearance and workplace efficiency is your goal. We are here. Industrial floors should always be safe to allow firm footing for your employees on the floor. With our services, you can focus on your business, you will have peace of mind that your vigilance to safety has been met –and never have to worry about a dirty, hazardous concrete floor. Concrete polishing is the solution to your Warehouse Manager’s concerns about floor conditions, and Superior Floor Coatings is the # 1 option in the West Palm Beach, FL and surrounding area for the best concrete polishing available in Florida. Superior Floor Coatings is the top choice for best results within a firm budget. A Polished concrete floor can make use of colors, quartz and dazzling aggregates to create unique and sophisticated finishes. While still basically used as an interior flooring option, polished concrete is now also being used in patios and other external applications.
The aggregate exposure levels of polished concrete range from a creamy finish to full exposure of the aggregate. The resulting finish of polished concrete depends on the diamond grit that is used to polish the concrete surface. Finishes can range from matt, to high gloss finishes.
The shiny look of polished concrete can be achieved either through the mechanical or chemical processes.
What is polished concrete? Concrete polishing has become the most unique flooring option on the market since every concrete floor has unique characteristics. Decorative cutting and dyes can create visually interesting floors. Additionally, with the movement towards green products, a polished concrete floor creates a natural, low-maintenance surface. Most of the large retail warehouse stores utilize polished concrete in their facilities because it is easier to clean and reflects up to 30% more light. Concrete polishing is a multi-step process, depending on the quality of surface. The process uses diamonds to “sand” the concrete smooth, similar to the sanding of wood. Each step utilizes a different grit increment to create a more reflective, smoother floor. With the use of industrial vacuums, polishing is a dry, fume-free process.
What is concrete burnishing? Have your polished concrete floors lost their shine? Concrete burnishing can make them “pop.” Foot traffic has a 400 to 500 grit abrasive impact. This will cause polished floors to dull. Burnishing is a noninvasive process that can be completed in an occupied facility.
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