Metallic flooring palm beach

It is designed to be dispersed in a variety of binders with a unique, three-dimensional appearance of the color and metallic showing through. Because the product is a clear epoxy, the end result can end up being very translucent. However, the looks you can create with epoxy are endless. The finished appearance of metallic flooring systems can vary from soft and subtle changes in color, to a more distinctive hammered effect. There is a certain amount of natural variation in the finished product appearance from job to job, which makes no two jobs identical. It is the fact that each floor is noticeably different that makes the product so unique and desirable.
Metallic Epoxy looks amazing on all types of floors and they are also the most durable impact resistance system one can ever get . A large percentage of Superior Floor Coating’s residential jobs are garage floors. With our state of the art grinding system, we can install your metallic epoxy garage floor faster and cleaner than you ever dreamed possible.
Maybe you were checking social media for flooring designs, or you were out for supper at a fancy restaurant when you saw beautiful metallic-looking floors and were blown away by how elegant and exclusive they seemed. Maybe you are reading this writing for the first time and have never heard about or seen any kind of metallic epoxy flooring before. So gear up as we, at Garage Epoxy Floor Pros of Palm Beach County go over what metallic epoxy flooring is and how you can tell if it is right for you.
So What is Metallic Epoxy?
Let us begin by defining metallic epoxy. Metallic epoxies are epoxy solutions that have been infused with metallic pigments to provide a gleaming and long-lasting finish. Many metallic pigmented epoxies are made in a two-part process that includes an epoxy resin as well as hardeners to support the curing and hardening of the epoxy. Metallic pigmentation, on the other hand, uses metallic pigments in the mixing and/or application processes to achieve a variety of coating effects.
Metallic Epoxy Flooring Expert Finishes
Metallic epoxy flooring coatings have been the most common coating systems, both in operation and on the internet, due to the gleaming finishes they offer. To obtain various coatings, solvents, brushes, and blowers can be used to manipulate the material into drying in a certain manner. Finishes that mimic clouds, waves, and lava can also be achieved with the assistance of a professional contractor and these different techniques.
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