Ceramic coating atlanta

Ceramic Pro North Atlanta isn’t just a full auto spa and detailer but are car enthusiasts that love the ride and want to keep you looking good while you are on yours. We know of all the common corrosive compounds that you’ll encounter on the drive, and have solutions to them in the way of Ceramic Pro nano-ceramic coatings, KAVACA paint protection film, and KAVACA window tint. Gasoline and brake fluid are incredibly caustic to your paint, so we highly recommend a ceramic coating that is formulated to be hydrophobic, and repel liquids away from your paint’s finish. A KAVACA window tint will not only look great, but reflects damaging ultraviolet rays back to the sun rather than create excessive heat inside your car, and stress all your leather and plastic surfaces. KAVACA window tint will keep heat out, and lock in the necessary amount of moisture for your plastic and leather to keep their healthy and vital shine. Coffee and beverage stains a concern for you? Well, not any more, as Ceramic Pro Textile is a hydrophobic barrier that prevents penetration, beads up beverages, and gives you plenty of time to soak them up with cloth or napkin. Bumper to bumper, interior or exterior surfaces, Ceramic Pro North Atlanta has you protected.
Pro is the global leader in surface protection solutions and automotive films for paint protection and window tint. In the United States, we have thousands of experienced surface protection installers whose focus is to prep and install Ceramic Pro coatings and KAVACA self-healing paint protection film. For interior protection and comfort, Ceramic Pro also offers the latest in window tint technology in the form of KAVACA Window Films. We work on more than cars. Ceramic Pro is used on boats, RVs, motorcycles and more. The combination of Ceramic Pro coatings and KAVACA automotive films represent the most effective surface protection system in the world.

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