Lead For America Equipment Implementation + MSP Proposal

1. Cover Letter

Dear Franklin Winters and Justin Miller,
Rooted Software (Rooted) is a technology services company specializing in supporting the missions of small to mid-sized nonprofits headquartered in the United States. During their combined 40 years of experience in nonprofit tech leadership, founders Toby Weiss and Josh Bechard found that their nonprofits were best served by those who shared a passion for their mission and an understanding of their needs. Rooted was launched to provide technical support, backed by this very passion and experience, to all nonprofits with the following three core values to sustain it:
Fidelity - In all things we strive to be transparent and trustworthy. We act with integrity and follow through on commitments from our initial meeting to project/service delivery.
Compassion - People first, technology second. We come alongside you with empathy for your team, passion for your mission, and humility in our approach.
Drive - We take ownership of issues, are proactive in finding solutions, and will not cut corners on quality to drive quantity.
Rooted Software is honored to currently provide Managed IT services in the support of many non-profits of varying ages, scopes of influence, employee-count, tech stacks, infrastructures and needs, many of which are fully remote organizations. The technological needs of Lead For America (LFA) are well within the capability of Rooted Software’s Service Desk team which consists of highly trained remote technicians working across numerous time zones following best practice availability, security protocols, and measures of consistency. The team of technicians is regularly praised by Rooted partners for a genuine support of their mission and for resolving technical issues in a prompt and professional yet personal manner. Various references are provided directly within the proposal for further detail. Additional testimonials can also be found on our website at .
Rooted Software is excited at the opportunity to provide the technology and technical human resources to support Lead For America in its mission to build a strong community for everyone. Rooted understands that each machine thoughtfully configured, deployed, monitored, and maintained for an individual at LFA translates directly to more American leaders and better served communities. While recognizing LFA is executing due diligence in comparing multiple MSPs for its technical solutions, Rooted hopes that LFA sees our desire to form a long-term partnership that yields increased impact to Lead For America.
Toby Weiss

2. Statement of Work

2.1 Implementation Project SOW

Summary: The objective of this project is to procure and configure MacBook Air laptops for the Lead For America staff. Additionally, Rooted Software will be responsible for configuring each machine per the specified requirements agreed upon by Rooted Software and Client, ensuring timely shipment to designated employees within the agreed upon timeline.
Procurement: Rooted Software will procure the items listed below in table 4.1 included in the cost of the proposal. Rooted Software recommends configuring an additional two (2) laptops for Lead For America in case of emergency or immediate new hires in the future.
Configuration: Rooted Software will configure the procured laptops listed below in table 4.1 to the provided and agreed upon specifications. Configuration typically includes setup, system updates, and customizations based on organizational requirements.
Timeline: Rooted Software commits to deploying fully configured hardware listed in table 4.1 within one (2) months of the contract initialization date. Suggested timeline: January 1, 2024-March 1, 2024
Addendum for Apple Business Manager Setup
Intro: This addendum specifies the requirement for setting up Apple Business Manager (ABM) before the commencement of technical support services for Apple machines.
Setup Services
Configure Apple Business Manager to manage and deploy Apple devices efficiently.
Integrate ABM with Lead for America's existing systems and infrastructure.
Provide necessary training and documentation for Lead for America's administrators.
Rooted Software will work with Lead for America to ensure that Apple Business Manager is set up and operational before the procurement and configuration of Apple devices.
Rooted Software will collaborate with Lead for America to ensure a seamless setup process.
Lead for America is responsible for providing all required information and access for the Apple Business Manager setup.
Rooted Software will facilitate and oversee the configuration of Apple Business Manager.

2.2 Ongoing MSP Support SOW

Summary: This Statement of Work (SOW) outlines the scope of technical support services to be provided by Rooted Software to Lead For America for their Apple devices. The objective is to ensure uninterrupted functionality, security, and optimal performance of Apple devices within the Lead For America infrastructure. The proposed timeline for this contract is an annual agreement from January 1, 2024-December 31, 2024.
Scope of Services
Remote Monitoring and Management:
Continuous monitoring of LFA machines to identify and address potential issues proactively.
Remote troubleshooting and resolution of technical problems to minimize downtime.
Continuous automated performance assessments to optimize system efficiency.
Advanced Antivirus and Endpoint Detection Response:
Implementation and management of advanced antivirus solutions to safeguard Apple machines against malicious threats.
Endpoint detection and response to identify and neutralize security incidents promptly.
Identity Management with a Password Manager
Deployment and configuration of identity management solutions for secure user access.
Implementation of a password manager to enhance password security and user authentication.
Additional Services Included
Apple Business Manager Setup
An addendum to this SOW specifies that the setup of Apple Business Manager is a prerequisite before the procurement and configuration of devices. Apple Business Manager will be established to streamline the management of Apple devices, applications, and content for Lead for America.
Configuration of Apple Business Manager for centralized control and administration.
Integration with existing systems to ensure seamless device management.
Quarterly Business Reviews: Rooted Software will perform Quarterly Business Review with Lead for America Team to ensure our services are in line with the current and future technology direction of Lead for America.
Client (Lead For America)
Provide necessary access and information for the setup of Apple Business Manager.
Cooperate with Rooted Software to facilitate the procurement and configuration of Apple devices.
Rooted Software
Provide unlimited technical support for Apple machines as outlined in this SOW.
Ensure the timely setup and configuration of Apple Business Manager as per the addendum.
Methods of accessing support
General hours of support: Monday-Friday, 6am-5pm MST
Ways to submit a ticket:
Call dispatch (785) 347-9300
Complete our ticketing form

3. Examples of Reports

In addition to on-demand access to our ticketing system customer dashboard (screenshot captured below), the following examples of reports would also be available to Lead For America:
Example of Dashboard.png
SLA Performance Report.pdf
693.6 kB
Open Tickets Summary.pdf
218.4 kB
Closed Ticket Performance..pdf
Anti Virus Report Example.pdf

4. Fee Structure

4.1 Estimated Equipment Implementation Breakdown
Unit Cost
Total Cost
13-inch Apple M2 MacBook Air*
Base configuration (no AppleCare)
Configuration/Deployment of each Laptop
Shipping and Handling*
There are no rows in this table
*Customer can further specify which model/configuration they would like for Rooted Software to purchase. Actual cost of laptops, shipping, and tax will be invoiced to the customer.

Estimated Total One-Time Implementation Cost (including all hardware and peripherals)


One-Time Implementation Cost (not including hardware or peripherals)

4.2 MSP Support Breakdown
Unit Cost
Total Cost
User Support (per month)
New User Onboarding (one-time charge)
There are no rows in this table

Projected Monthly MSP Support Cost


5. Contract Terms and Conditions

Planned Support SLA
Response time: one (1) business day
Resolution time: five (5) business days
Unplanned Support SLA
High Priority
Response time: one (1) business hour
Resolution time: two (2) business days
Normal Priority
Response time: four (4) business day
Resolution time: five (5) business days
SLA Hold Events: throughout the lifecycle of a request, there are events that will cause the SLA timer to pause when the advancement of the request is outside of Rooted Software’s direct control. Examples of events that will pause the SLA are included below.
Technician has responded to a request and must await a response from the requester before proceeding
Technician has ordered equipment and is awaiting delivery
Technician has defined the incident as being related to a 3rd-party and has escalated the request to the 3rd-party for resolution.
Duration of Support: The technical support services outlined in this SOW will be provided on an ongoing basis for the duration of the agreement between Lead For America and Rooted Software.
Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions governing this engagement, including service levels, response times, and any additional charges, are outlined

6. References

Org Name
Arizona Private Education Scholarship Foundation
Richard Doe
Springs Rescue Mission
Anissa Boyd
Trash Mountain Project
Marianne Baumchen
There are no rows in this table

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