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Leveraging the POS data for Loyalty Programs inside Pet Pooja

About Pet Pooja

Starting out in 2011, Petpooja was a food delivery platform for Corporates. Think Zomato or Swiggy, but for bulk corporate orders. With this business model, it achieved a respectable mark in 2 years: serving over 200 corporates by partnering with 300+ restaurants.

But, in the process, they realized that because of the lack of appropriate technology, there were tremendous operational inefficiencies and the restaurant processes were not scalable. A close look at these restaurants’ daily struggles led us to make Petpooja in its current avatar- a coherent Restaurant Management software.



Our mission is to be the go-to Operating System for all F&B retail across the world!

Pricing Model:

Petpooja believes in a standardized and transparent pricing policy. No matter how big or small the restaurant business is, Petpooja’s technology works seamlessly on every scale.
The packages have been optimized to serve the partner restaurants with the best products and services at the most affordable prices.
Standard Package - ₹ 10,000 per outlet, Renewal ₹ 7500 per year
Add-on packs provide a comprehensive add-on package offering all the features & products to take the restaurant management game to the next level.
User Cohorts

Detailed Report for building this

Do refer this link to understand more on this:
Shortlisted User Cohort- Multicuisine/ independent/ unbranded hotels
Shortlisted User Story- As a restaurant owner, I want to increase the customer satisfaction level, so that they visit my restaurant again.
Shortlisted Solution- Introduce a loyalty program inside Pet Pooja
Shortlisted Feature- Repeat Visit Reward

Existing Solution and Limitations with Pet Pooja’s Loyalty Program

This is taken from the user interviews from the following document.

What are we building?

Pet Pooja already has an in-built system to take the customer data through the partner restaurants inside its POS system. Pet Pooja's data bank has the ability to provide loyalty services to the end customers. Building a customer loyalty system around the POS can increase the number of loyal customers. By utilizing this capability Pet Pooja can increase its awareness as a brand and reach the target of next 1,00,000 partners.
Every nth visit of a customer to a restaurant should be given a specific discount or a freebie from the restaurant. The restaurant owner will get notified by the POS to offer the reward according to her/his will. This is a win-win for the customers as well as the restaurants. The visit counts will be kept as separate data in the POS. The hassle of points system is removed so that the restaurant owners can respect the customers time and vice-versa.

Why are we building this?

Pet Pooja has provided most of the technology solutions for restaurant management. With integration of this feature into the system, the restaurant owners will get one-stop solutions to their customer retention issue (As highlighted in the user interviews) with this system. Rewards and gifts have been central to human motivation and a customer’s purchasing behaviour gets influenced when they enrol in any kind of loyalty program. With the existing system at place, adding this feature for the restaurant owners will cost them nothing.

Details of the Feature:

The customer data is the key here. We need to have pre-fed customer data or the restaurant owner should start taking basic details of the customer. When the customer places an order, the POS will register it as a visit. This will add the counter for the visits. This counter should send a notification to the POS regarding the reward.
The restaurant owner will have 2 choices- either give a discount or a freebie.
If the owner chooses discount the final bill will be considered with that pre-decided discount.
If the owner chooses freebie, the KOT will get a order regarding the freebie and the order will get processed as usual.


Wireframe and Mockups:

Success Metrics:

In the restaurant business, the customers having a high return rate are the revenue centre for a particular restaurant. So we need a metric which will track the customers return rate and create an impact.
North Star Metric: # restaurant owners using this feature for 6 months.
L1 Metric: # increase in the CLV of the customers.

What CLV will help achieve?

Hypothetical Example: A restaurant’s data shows that CLV increases once a customer reaches four visits. The restaurant owner could focus its loyalty strategy on getting customers to that point of habituation, using what he/she knows about high-CLV customer preferences and behaviour.
Technical Requirements:

Non-Technical Requirements:

Awareness among the restaurant owners for collecting data at the first place to make use of this system.
Making customers aware through the restaurant owners.

Roll out Plan

Kick-Off with Design, Wireframes, Feedback on Wireframes & PM- Designer alignment
Kick Off with Devs + QA + Design + Security Team + UX Writer
Backend Tech Spec + Frontend Tech Spec +PM - Dev Huddle
Spec Freeze, Design Freeze Roll Out Plan
QA, Metrics testing, Analytics events
Final Sign- Offs
Production Version Release
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