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All-in-one Job Search Tool to Easily Organize Companies, Contacts, and Tasks

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Every year, I was filled by the sheer stress and anxiety that job searching brought. I was relentlessly pursuing internship opportunities. To give myself a little direction and sense of control, I relied on an extremely large Excel document to keep myself organized. I have recreated a better version of my job search spreadsheet right here in Coda. I hope you enjoy :)

How to get started

Copy this doc
Delete the pre-filled companies in
Delete the pre-filled contacts in
Add your own companies to track your application status and add any tasks you need to complete for that company
As you meet new people through recruiting sessions and other networking events, add them to your contacts list. This will automatically populate the Contacts column in
If you have multiple roles you are applying to, add them to in


Please tell me how I can make this doc better :)

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