Category Creation Steps

From Play Bigger book
Part 2: Section 4
Step Three: Workshop
Who are the customers?
identify the kinds of people you are addressing
who are they? what do they do? why they. might want what we have.
What’s the problem they don’t yet know they have or can’t yet solve?
What are the from - tos?
what the solution?
the before - after situation
what situation are they coming from?
what is the new way of doing things? where are the going to?
What’s the new thing?
what is the new thing customer will do to make that journey?
Step Four: Name that Category
describe the category
what is the impact on the customers?
keep it simple - two to 3 words
Step five: Package the work
Address the following topics:
category landscape
category ecosystem
from to to journeys
category name and description
case for the new category
why the category should exist
what the world will look like if company creates and dominates the category
early draft game plan

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