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Cookies Issue

Resolution / Action
There is no easy way to only accept strictly necessary cookies as the default. ​
It’s by design. We want more people to accept the other cookie category to offer a better service.
The cookie categories are not clear about what the cookies actually do. (transparent)?
This is a subjetive interpretation. The current copy is based on the request from compliance and our competitor benchmark, and it uses user friendly language and it’s under the limit of characters the consent can hold.
Final implementation:
These cookies may collect and report personal data to help us understand how our website is performing. These cookies help us to continuously improve the site and offer you a better browsing experience
Requested by compliance:
Performance cookies, also known as Analytic Cookies, collect and report information/ personal data to help us understand how our website is performing. These cookies help us to continuously improve the site and offer you a better browsing experience.

It is not as easy to opt-out as it was to opt-in?
NYOB is a scoring system, not a regulatory requirement. This is done by design, so we can provide this data to our internal teams to optimize the experience and engage the users.
Optimizely, an analytical cookies, is placed without consent. ?
It’s the Opt-out cookie. No info is collected.
Personalisation cookies are dropped without notice nor consent? (Issue 5#)
MRTX cookies are strictly necessary cookie according to the Cookie assesment.
Issue 6# - Careers – which in addition uses Youtube? → Workable
Workable is not our product. It’s a service we hire
Issue 6# - Market analysis - Community?
It doesn’t exist since June 30th. Users are beign redirected to
Needs action from Privacy
The strictly necessary cookie section should refer only to cookies that are required for the website to function (with limited exceptions)?
Privacy needs to define what cookies are being wrongly categorized and where is this happening (we believe it’s in XERA, but we need confirmation)
Free Products
ReCaptcha dropped analytical cookies when visiting the website for the first time (cached data)?
Google fonts is used in the website - sharing personal data when collecting the cookies. This was recommended to be set at local storage. ?
Youtube is used on the website, which places tracking cookies without consent for the purposes and benefits of Google. ?

Noto, is a Google fonts is and it’s our brand font.
We don’t believe Google ReCaptcha
As we can’t change any of this, and this two services are extremely popular and used by Bank of America, Xoom, Brex, and so many others.
How can we add this to our policy instead of spending development resources to create our own custom solutions?
If not, we will have to do a brand change and consult with Marketing and do this in ALL websites.
Under research
Amplitude, a web analytical cookies is set without consent?
This needs further investigation.
@Daniel Lanza
will send a message to Amplitude to understand the objective of this cookie.
We need to confirm if this happens only in XERA
The Consent manager is skipped and cookies are set without Consent?
currency api site
@Roberto Iglesias
@Daniel Lanza
to talk to Mrigrank about the plan for this website. It should be migrated to the new public site.
Ticket created
The Consent Manager is skipped and cookies are set without consent?
When logged in, if you select “go to rate alerts” Google cookies are dropped?
This a bug in the consent manager we need to address.
@Daniel Lanza
will create ticket to fix the bugs in XERA consent manager. Consider that XERA will be deprecated later this year.
Development In Progress
Issue 6# - Help Desk
It’s being worked.

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