Proposal for Jimbo Taylor

Spray-Net Oklahoma City, OK

Issues to Solve
Below is a list of the primary current marketing issues affecting your business.

No Local Website
Currently, there is no local website for your Spray Net franchise. This results in less website traffic and leads from your website presence.

When we search “spray net Oklahoma City” on Google we see one listing for your Spray Net franchise listing.

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 1.49.27 PM.png

When we click the link above, we are taken to this page on the Spray Net website: . This is the location page for the Calgary location, not Oklahoma City.

As a result, people from your area will find it hard to discover information about your business, even when they search for it by name.

No Google Business Profile
An optimized Google Business Profile is essential for showing your business in Google Maps and local search results.

When Spray Net does get around to creating a GBP for your business, it seems unlikely they will optimize it to result in high search rankings and new leads.

No Local Search Results
Since you have no local website or Google Business Profile, no local search results point to your business. Below are the Google Maps results for people searching “brick staining near me” from your zip code, 73013.

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 2.35.08 PM.png

The good news is that your competition currently ranking for this term can easily be outranked.

Poor Performing Facebook Ads
You mentioned two issues with the current Facebook Ad campaign that Spray Net manages on behalf of your business.
The campaign is not focused on painting brick homes.
You receive very few leads.

After researching what search terms are currently driving traffic to the It is easy to see what search terms are the most valuable for them to focus on; “brick staining” and “brick staining.” These are the number two and three keywords driving traffic to their website. The keyword that ranks number one is “spray net.” This data supports your thinking on what offers to use on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 2.07.38 PM.png

Zero Control over Marketing
You are unable to do any marketing for your Spray Net business. Therefore, you are entirely dependent on Spray Net to do your marketing. This would be acceptable if Spray Net were strong at marketing. However, it appears they are weak at marketing.

Currently, your marketing efforts are producing minimal results. This appears to be the result of you not being able to perform your own marketing. The good news is the cause of this poor performance is clear to see and can be solved with a solid plan, consistent effort, and the right technology.

Solution to Issues
Objective: Dominate the Oklahoma City market for House Painting Service

You want to create a separate house painting brand and website to collect leads for the Spray Net franchise. While keeping the cost of acquiring a lead as low as possible, we have arrived at the following strategy: Local Market Domination.

This strategy combines a local website, Google Business Profile optimization, local search engine optimization, and local Facebook Ads.

Below is a description of all the actions included in this strategy.

Website Optimized for Local Search
Your business needs a website that is professional-looking and optimized to drive traffic to your local market. It also requires forms to capture leads, online chat to answer common questions, analytic tracking, and integration with your CRM.

Our strategy includes building a website for the services you want to highlight for homeowners in the zip codes you want to target.

You mentioned the idea of creating a generic house painting website. I think this is the best way forward since you will be able to drive people to the website for various topics resulting in more traffic to your website than you would for a website focused solely on Spray Net.

Rank at the top of Google Maps
We start with an accelerated Google Business Profile Launch to get you quickly ranking at the top of Google Maps.

Local SEO Audit and Strategy Planning
Niche and Local Signal Creation
Brand Foundation Creation
GMB Listing Optimization
Local Video Optimization
Stacked Signal Creation
Brand & Signal Boosting
w/15hrs Custom Signal Creation
Business Citations - national and local

Accelerated Launch Process
We use a proven, step-by-step process to ensure your business ranks in Google Maps in the chosen areas. Below you can see what actions we take in the first three months.
Month 1 - Local SEO Strategy, Local and Niche Signals, and Brand Foundation
Month 2 - GBP Listing Optimization, Niche Signals, and Brand Boost
Month 3 - Local Video Optimization, Stacked Signals, and Signal Boost
Ongoing Monthly Process
We have a step by step process defined for the next 12 months. However, we pay close attention to your Google Maps and local search results and adapt the strategy accordingly.

We utilize a Google Business Profile reporting application named Local Viking. With this service we are able to track your ranking for a particular keyword over a map grid made up of 1/2 mile to 1 mile areas. Below is an example of a campaign we completed for a law firm in Southern California, a high competitive area.

The number in each circle represents the ranking for a particular keyword in the area the circle covers.


Increase Customer Reviews & Ratings
We use our CRM and marketing automation software, Liftegy, to automate review requests for Google and any other review platform, i.e. Home Advisor or Facebook.

Our review management system is unique because we only allow positive reviews to be sent to Google or other platforms such as Home Advisor and Facebook. If one of your customers has a negative experience, we will capture their feedback and send it to you, not Google so that you can respond.

This system results in more reviews and higher ratings for your business.

The number of reviews and your average rating greatly affect your ability to drive leads from Google Maps.

For starters, these two impact where your business .

Another reason these are important is because they are posted below your business name in your Google Business Profile.

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 11.45.28 AM.png

And in your google maps listing.

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 11.52.25 AM.png

Drive Leads through Facebook & Instagram Ads
Combined with local search engine optimization for ranking in Google Maps will take a few months to gather momentum. During the first 90 days we will spend a large effort on experimenting with offers, ad images, ad copy, and targeting.

After the initial 90 days we suggest continuing to utilize facebook Ads. However, you will not need to depend on them as your sole lead source. Now you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of an omni-channel campaign and keeps your lead acquisition costs as low as possible.

We’ve found that if we continually test new ad elements we predictable increase the number of leads and lower the cost per lead. So we do not practice set it and forget it instead we create new ideas to test out on a weekly basis.

All lead information is pushed into our software, Liftegy. It immediately alerts your team, and emails and texts your lead. The software also allows people to schedule an estimate appointment right after they complete a form.

There are many powerful features our software can do that can simplify your life and increase your revenue. See the next section to learn about a few of them.

Use One Tool to Manage and Automate Communication
The software that we have built out for local businesses like yours is . The homepage of the Liftegy website summarizes what it offers very well. "All the tools a local business needs to thrive. Get more reviews, convert more leads, and centralize your communications - all from one simple-to-use platform.”

Features (some of them)

Unified Inbox
You’ll find every message from SMS, phone, email, Google Business Profile, Facebook Messenger, and website chat all in one place for you to efficiently respond to.

Gain more reviews with automatic review generation. For example, once a painting project is completed, the software automatically contacts your client asking for feedback. If the feedback is positive, we push them to Google or any other review platform to leave a review.

Website Chat
You can place a chat option on your website to quickly answer any questions visitors have. Unlike other web chat software, our software captures the website visitor's phone number to move from the website to SMS. As a result, you can text the lead even when they are away from your website.


You can get paid faster by sending a text-to-pay message to your customers. Currently, our software integrates with and . Other payment platforms will be added later this year.

Google Business Profile Management
You can manage your Google My Business account inside Liftegy. This includes posting articles, receiving phone calls, and chat messages.

Missed Call Text Back
Automatically text back caller when you are not able to pick up to make sure you never miss a hot lead or any other important call to your business.

Automated Appointment Booking
Automatically book leads and prospects to your calendar without lifting a finger. Create text conversations with the goal of placing booked appointments on calendars without any human interaction.

Track every lead and client. See every interaction you have with them, create custom fields to capture every detail you want, and stay in contact with them for years until they have the next job for you.

Pipeline Management
Create your custom pipeline stages and measure your leads progress from initial call all the way to review request. Assign a dollar value to each opportunity and see how much potential revenue you have in your pipeline in total and at each stage.

Call Tracking
Track calls from different sources to measure where your new business is coming from. You can also measure how many calls your sales team makes and record them for training purposes.

There truly are many more features included in this software. The best part is we set everything up for you. There is no need for you or your team to have to spend the next six months learning how to built our a chatbot automated dialogue.

This omni-channel strategy includes everything required to dominate your local market for house painting. Each element works with the others to create a powerful synergy that produces much more outstanding results than any one element could develop independently.

Bottom line: this strategy provides you with a system that will continually grow your business for years to come.

The website will consist of 10 to 20 pages depending on the number of services and zip codes you want to go after. The website will have a modern design, smart forms that capture all the details you want from leads, and will be optimized to rank organically on Google.

Cost: $2000

Timeframe: 10 business days

Facebook Ad Spend
The amount required for Facebook Ad spend will very according to how many leads are coming in through Google Maps and organic search. For example, you may start with an ad spend of $50 a day and after three months reduce that to $15 a day. Facebook will bill you directly for these fees.

Everything Else
Everything else includes the following:
Google Maps search engine optimization
Review Managment System
Facebook Ad Managment
Website Management
Software Customization and Management

Cost: $3200/month

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