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R Genesis Collection

When envisioning the R Planet beings, we were inspired by the concept of metamorphosis, uniqueness and the gifts we hold within ourselves - art should be as powerful and unique as we all are!
Citizens of R Planet live in a reality that mirrors our own where powers, gifts, talents, and culture fuse and are used to create the world they live in. On R Planet, actions matter and help develop the gifts tied to each PFP, which will be paired with surprises that holders uncover over time.
🌟Membership Benefits
The Genesis collection is R Planet’s first utility-driven art NFT collection composed of 8,888 unique hand-crafted pieces living on the blockchain as ERC 721 tokens. This exclusive drop represents the first entry point for early supporters of the R ecosystem to earn, claim and purchase future products in and out of the Web3 world.
Some of what you can expect from the genesis collection PFP:
Earn rewards the longer you hold, unlocking access to digital and physical goods & experiences
Exclusive membership pass to virtual & IRL events, airdrops and giveaways
Access to a network of purpose-oriented leaders, community members and builders
Connect to off-chain assets and purpose initiatives
Support a series of artists & creators and co-own community selected projects
Access to R Planet-related drops and tokens created for the ecosystem
Do good sh*t in the world - Submit proposals to drive $$ and awareness to initiatives important to our community

🖼️ Leading Edge Concept and Illustration Artist
R Planet’s art was conceived by , a leading edge concept and illustration artist with significant experience working with global IPs and a leader in the gaming industry. Nessi studied with Guinness Book of Record holder Jungi Kim, founder of , and has designed for leading gaming studios NCSoft, Netmarble and Nexon. She was born in South Korea and been rapidly growing her following and fan base.
When dreaming of R Planet, Nessi was inspired by metamorphosis, where art can evolve and change like humans do. PFPs are granted a GFT, supernatural, and metaphysical abilities that can evolve over time. New GFTs can be gained throughout their lifespans or happen overnight. It is theorized that the more these GFTs are used for the collective good, the higher chance new GFTs will be developed.
🦄 Art Breakdown
Ranking Type Distribution
14 Legendaries (0.16%)
Once regular Curators, Legendaries have become the embodiment of their GFT’s; specializing their methods around their uniquely developed abilities. As the most powerful beings on R Planet, they travel and transport between realities and are often called upon by uniquely struggling communities seeking aid.

528 Mystics (5.9%)
Mystics have traversed many realms and have mastered multiple GFTs that have manifested in their vibrant eyes or hair. Known for their wisdom and intellect - they have a grasp of their GFTs making them a frequent stop for wanderers first setting out on their path and seeking advice

1,688 Specials (18.99%)
Specials have practiced their respective fields long enough to be idolized in the R Planet universe. They have used their GFTs for the good of Wanderers through economics, agriculture, education, equality, health and livelihood, among others. They have fully developed their GFTs, and many have also developed secondary abilities

6,657 Cores (74.89%)
Cores make up the majority of the R-Planet genesis collection. Although they have obtained GFTs, they have not yet walked their Paths long enough to realize their full potential. They are the hardest working people in R-Planet and have subtle traits and characteristics that are more than meets the eye.

📊 Trait Breakdown
The Genesis Collection is composed of 543 unique traits across 12 total categories (art and non-art attributes), that will generate our 8,888 unique R-Planet NFT characters. The trait categories are as follows:
Art Traits
Hand Object
Hand Accesory
Face accessory
Non-art traits
Number of traits
Number of traits

Art Reveal Process
In order to create a fair minting process, we will be revealing the art, GFT and rarity of your PFP shortly following the public mint.
Art Shuffle
Prior to minting, the entire collection has been randomly shuffled to ensure the drop was entirely random, transparent, and decentralized. Everyone an equal chance of minting some of the most rare NFT’s. Upon reveal, you will have a chance on the open market to bid for your favorite.
⚡ Lore and Gift Abilities
R Planet represents a world in parallel to our own. Our world can impact R Planet and conversely, R Planet can impact our world. Lore will be built out with talented community writers and contributors post mint, but to start with, let’s give our beings some powers. Every being is born with a GFT. Some examples of GFTs you will see in the art and traits include:
Hyper Speed: The wind at their heels and all of R Planet to explore, they move at lightning speeds and are always early to the party.
Super Strength: Capable of incredible feats of strength and endurance, positioning them to be both builders and protectors of R Planet.
Super Sight: Enhanced vision that allows them to see with amazing clarity/detail, distance, and color. Extra special abilities include seeing in the dark, perceiving things that are too small for the naked eye, seeing distant objects and beings in a magnified scale, and even have incredible accuracy and/or precision.
Storm Power: Can sense, channel, shape, create and manipulate the weather, the meteorological patterns, creating rain, wind, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog, and temperature changes.
Water Warping: Create, shape, and manipulate water, inorganic liquid compounds, gas (steam, water vapor), and solid (ice) states, including changing them from one state to others.
Air Bending: One with this ability can psychically direct air currents as though Telekinesis. They can physically control the temperature and intensity of wind currents, at will. They can also psychically use wind to propel oneself and/or chosen targets (i.e. walking, gliding, levitation, flight).
Energy Wielding: They can create, shape, and manipulate energy. Common physical forms of energy include the kinetic energy of a moving object, the radiant energy carried by light and other electromagnetic radiation, and various types of potential energy such as gravitational and elastic.
Light Bending: The power to manipulate visible light and to concentrate this into beams of light to illuminate rooms and stadiums if needed or focus it to create heat like a magnifying glass. They may also be able to refract light to change colors of visible light.
✍🏻 Writers Room
We are always looking for lore and character contributors. If you have an interested in helping us evolve the stories of R Planet, please connect with us on Discord or reach out to us at gm@rplanetnft.xyz

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