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Pat Yiu
Gamer, web3 native, contributor for ETHDenver, contributor to Culture, and Society DAO, member of CPG, BAYC, and PadawanDAO, Pat helped launched a successful sell out of Azuki NFT. Previously CEO of Hexing Esports - representing brands such as esports festival company DreamHack and a two-time TI-winning team

Board Room Ventures (BRV) - Josh Ong
Board Room Ventures is a top consulting agency and NFT fund focused on the web3 ecosystem. Born from the mind of NFT thought leaders Josh Ong and Won Kim, their platform includes experts on community building, productization, and marketing - BRV specializes in bringing impactful moments and experiences to the web3 ecosystem. Other partners include: Josh Ong: , VonDoom: , Baron: , Kristina: , Laura Rod:
Project Godjira
One of the most active tier 1 NFT collections, composed of 333 Genesis Godjira and 3,333 Gen2s run by the Godjira council. The council, made up of community representatives and early investors who bought a 1/1 genesis Godjira, is the governing body and decides which strategic direction the project takes.
Founder and CEO of Web3 projects ZenAcademy and The 333 Club. Previously a professional poker player, he has now built a full-time career in web3 as a powerful advocate and voice for the sector. Zeneca is a Strategic Advisor to the project assisting in the productization and execution of the vision.

Leading Entertainment Marketing agency led by former CAA, UTA and WME execs who went from representing top talent, to representing top brands. FV have worked with some of the largest names in Web2 and Web3, and are deeply focused on bridging pop culture moments with web3 culture.

Hypotenuse Labs
Leader in DeFi + NFTs + Infra with experience building products for some of the world’s largest tech brands. experts in building ai and blockchain products. Team previously worked with Facebook, Amazon, Yelp, and Mozilla, data scientists for Uber, and former software engineers at AWS.

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