R Planet Wiki
Welcome! We’re glad you’re starting your NFT journey with R Planet. We’ve collected a number of resources to help inform you as you purchase your first NFT.
Helpful Resources for New Members
Buying an NFT
Popular general NFT marketplaces are , , &
And there are project specific marketplaces like and
Analyzing an NFT
and show NFT trait rarity which can correlate to market value
Minting Guide
Only Use Official Links (Discord, Twitter Account, Website)
Click “Mint” and link your digital wallet
Minting Happens in Stages (Presale, Allowlist Sale, Public Sale, etc.)
Buying Ethereum
Storing and Securing Ethereum
Sending Ethereum
Receiving Ethereum
Reading the Ethereum Blockchain
Looking at wallet transactions
Looking at wallet balances
Seeing gas fees
Scams in the NFT Space
DM Scams
Fake Websites to Sign Metamask Contracts
Fake OpenSea

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