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Welcome to R Planet


When we envisioned the R Planet ecosystem, we brainstormed amazing ideas for our web3 community.
This isn’t a roadmap, these are the ideas we will bring to fruition with the help and collaboration from the community. We are excited to embark on this journey with you.
Grants and Work Programs
Calling all builders, artists, and creatives. Our community is full of talented wanderers that want to use their skills and passion for R Planet to create for and contribute to the community. We are committed to empower and provide grants to excellent members with great ideas through a grants program. We are working through the legal framework and application process.
We are committed to supporting the career growth of our Wanderers and will collaborate with Web3 career placement platforms and communities to better connect our enthusiasts with professional opportunities.
R Ambassadors
From casual hangouts to sharing inspiring stories of impact in your community, we recognize the power in community-run spaces and events (whether in Discord, on Twitter, or IRL). Our community shares R Planet DNA and we are committed to supporting and nurturing these community-building activities
R Planet is your planet, we will be calling on all community builders and enthusiasts across the globe to help enrich our space both IRL and online. First step - Join the Discord and choose the “Pathfinder” role. Join this space!
R Studio
We will be launching the R Studio program which will celebrate and support artistic expression and the diversity of life both on R Planet and in our world, by inviting traditional and non-traditional artists, partners, and community members to help us co-build the sights, sounds and species of R Planet. Voted on by our community, winners will be amplified and promoted by the R Planet into the web3 ecosystem. Stay tuned!
R Karma - Tying Cause to your Digital Identity
Our genesis NFT was designed to empower holders to participate in an interactive, impact-centered experience that we call R Karma. Putting the community in the driver's seat on realizing critical impact goals.
Members of our community will have the ability to join the Karma Council, submit proposals for consideration for causes and initiatives they care about, and vote to forever improve the conditions of members of our community, our world, and others that live within it.
The R Planet Ecosystem
R Planet holders will earn $pecie tokens through time-based mechanisms that can be used within R ecosystem. Simple terms - for each day you hold, you earn more $pecie. Each NFT holder’s time will start the moment they mint or purchase the NFT and for each day you hold, you earn more tokens.
In the coming months, holders will be able to burn/redeem $pecie for a range of physical and digital items, IRL experiences, upgrades to your PFP, limited edition merch and swag, Allowlists for future collections or collaborations, and more.
More importantly, holding multiple R Planet NFTs will earn a multiplier on rewards.
DAOs are an exciting area of the crypto space today. As big believers in democratizing access to impact investments, we are keen to bring you along for this journey as an investor. We will explore various governance structures that work best with our investment expertise and our community, reiterating on areas that need improvement, before moving onto bigger vehicles.
The regulatory framework for DAOs is also something that is continuing to evolve - and we always do our homework. A good resource:
Thematic Impact Tokens
👀👀👀 We have to stay hush hush on this for now ..... but holders will get first details as soon as we can share.
The R Planet team believes in the power of partnership to drive significant value for both brand and community. We have already locked in some exciting Web2 & Web3 partnerships that will be rolling out in the coming weeks, and will continue to look to collaborate with great brands and projects that align with our vision and mission. These will also be featured in our Digital Storefront which will continue to evolve.

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