Why do many people like to listen to Korean ringtones?

There are several reasons why many people enjoy listening to Korean ringtones.
Firstly, many of these ringtones feature popular K-pop songs, which have a wide appeal among young people. The catchy melodies and upbeat rhythms of these songs are designed to be attention-grabbing, making them well-suited to be used as ringtones.
Secondly, South Korea has a strong music culture, and people are very fond of listening to music. Korean ringtones are a way for people to express themselves and show off their personal taste. Customizing a ringtone with a favorite song or sound effect is a way to stand out and make your phone personal.
Lastly, Many Korean ringtones are designed to be distinctive and attention-grabbing, to ensure that the phone owner doesn't miss an important call. The use of familiar and popular melody in the ringtones makes them easy to recognize and less likely to be ignored.
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To better understand this ringtone, you can listen to
Overall, the combination of South Korea's strong music culture and the popularity of K-pop has made Korean ringtones a popular choice for many people.

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