Zwift - Workout config

Configuration Steps

Workout programme
Decide on an appropriate workout plan
number of weeks
types of workouts
number of workouts per week
possible plans
Granfondo - 8 weeks
Gravel grinder - 12 weeks
TT Tune up - 8 weeks
4 week FTP booster
Single track slayer

Ride Configuration
Each event needs to have a ‘config spreadsheet’ completed, mainly
Ride name
kit (optional)
leaders (optional)
Each event must also have a .zwo workout file link attached to the spreadsheet
e.g. to a Google Drive upload
Ride Notes
maybe only applicable if leading
Other Stuff
Ed Greaves - Zwift contact ()

Creating the ZWO workout files / links
Open appropriate workouts on:
Create workout files
Open Zwift
Copy appropriate two workouts
Check ramps are OK!
Edit & upload workout files
Copy .ZWO from Zwift to desktop workouts folder
Open in Sublime, check details (cadence etc)
Upload to Google Drive folder

Useful Links

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