For Leaders - Pattern of Lectio Divina

Host reads the text.
Minute of silence.
Text is added to the chat for those who benefit from being able to read along.
Host reads the text again.
Minute of silence.
“What words or phrases in the text caught your attention?”
Folks share those words or phrases (without explanation).
Minute of silence.
Guest reads the text, inviting folks to try to pay attention to sensory responses - what do you taste, feel, smell, hear, see, etc. as you listen.
Minute of silence.
Folks share those things, using feeling language and I statement.
Minute of silence.
Last reading, by another guest, inviting folks to think about what the text offers to them right now, what they might take from it as they move through their day.
Minute of silence.
Folks share what they’ll hold onto from the text, or what the text opened up.
Minute of silence, thank you’s, welcome to stay online in silence for a moment.

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