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Bozoverse Press & Partnership Kit


Meta Insanity
Regenerating the Misfits with new kinds of silly digital experiences.

Manifesto — I am Bozo

A Bozo always follow its inner voice
A Bozo will always persevere.
A Bozo will always choose peace and love whenever possible
A Bozo forges courage through times of degeneration
A Bozo always looks within its heart when acting

A Bozo is always a work in progress
A Bozo's process is regeneration
A Bozos grow by creating small things from within their heart
A Bozo knows it can improve, even if degenerated
A Bozo's ultimate goal is awakening

Building a Bozoverse to regenerate the Misfits.

Collect our tokens to live and play in the Bozoverse.
Bozo Pod
A place where playing with, nurturing, regenerating and awakening your Bozos will become your new purpose in life.
Bozo Swag
Bozo in the Bozoverse you are, Bozo on earth you will be.

Bozo World
We are building a fantasy world for the Bozos to live and thrive.

You certainly will collect, love, and cherish them all.

Collecting and caring for degenerated & stylish creatures.

Wonderful, intuitive, emotional, expressive, and authentic digital beings built for the Metaverse.

Bozo Spaces
Bozos can meet and express themselves in digital spaces.

Private homes, public spaces, and event venues for the Bozos to hang, such as Bozo Island.

Collecting Original Bozo Artworks pieces

Immortal Bozos, Ancient Bozos, and more are parts of the Bozofakts, an exclusive Original Bozo artworks and artifacts collection.

Regenerate your Bozo and unlock features.

Collect Bozokenz, regenerate your Bozo, and access special features and easter eggs in your Bozodex.

Spatial allows NFT creators to customize a virtual space and gather for events such as exhibitions, brand experiences, and conferences.

→ $47.3M in funding
→ Completely free and open
→ 300K Spaces created
→ More than 5x growth in terms of monthly active users in just three months


The Bozoverse was initiated in the degenerate mind of Reno, a Brooklyn-based Artist & Digital Creator.
Witnessing the degeneration of the Metaverse around him, Reno chose to depict a vision of his own before it's too late.

Reno has been working in Advertising, Branding & Design for 17 years. He's now creating, designing, and vibing in the Bozoverse.
Creative Technologist

Lead Technology Bozo Wizard, a master hacker of future technology.

His coding wisdom, legendary efficiency, and dedication to the cause will create waves towards the Metaverse.

His award-winning, robust years working in the Digital field make him the perfect candidate to skyrocket the Bozoverse into beautifully crafted, interactive, and gamified experiences.

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