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Bachelor in Paradise '21 Pool


Vote on the starting cast members!

🤽 The Game 🤽

Guess which cast member is the most likely to...

1. Have the Most Options (think Hannah G)
2. Get Engaged (We’re looking at you, Jared & Ashley)
3. Leave on Their Own
4. Get a Friendship Rose
5. End Up in Drama
6. Play Peace Maker
7. Have a Redemption Arc

📏 The Rules 📏

You can only choose one cast member before moving on to vote for the next superlative.
The Codan with the most guesses wins this challenge!

There are 7 questions in total but if you can’t finish them all in one go, no worries there.
The button below will take you back to where you last left off. Just make sure you answer them all by

Friday, August 27th

for a fair game. Good luck!

Click here to start voting!

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