Welcome my trust-worthy Friend! 😍

I’m putting together my first course! If you have access to this document, it means that I trust you to give me feedback for this very course I’m building.

I’m planning to share this course for free at first, then later on sell it at a reasonable price, especially to make it accessible for student and young professional. I am aiming to provide maximal value for this course. Yet it is only a basic introduction and I am aiming to provide much more value in other course down the line.

This coda website gather all of the information or “script” that I will then record into a video format.

So now, without waiting any further;
Here is the name and main headline:

numen Industry Level I

The Dreamers Survival Kit

Build your Creative & Design Dreams.
A honest How-To Guide to navigating the Industry.

This course is about helping student and professional to find their dream job and providing insights as to how to navigate the creative & design industry in 2021.

Access the course here →

If you are in a hurry you may just take a quick look a the curriculum
You may navigate the entire course using the menu on the left.

My questions to you my Friend

I’m drafting everything at the moment and was hoping to start sharing for feedback insights from people and refine the content so that the course can live a it can be.

Your Opinion matter a lot to me!
For the sake of being aware of your perspective, please provide information about your current position / situation
What are your opinions about the theme and subjects covered in the course?
What are the things that are missing, that you would add that I did’t touch on?
Do you think the content provide enough value?
Is that content relevant to Young or even Mid / Senior / Executive Professionals?
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Form Results
I’m the creator of the course
I think it’s getting there, I will continue within this structure
For young to senior yes, most of the information is for beginner, for more advanced client, it’s only revisions.
Value provided
Yes! I think it will be free at the begining, then 50$
Things Missing
It needs to be more fleshed out now

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