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Word Farm Adventure - Campaign Brief Ystervarke

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Table 1
Channel Name
Channel URL
Draft Video URL
Did you install the game and play a little to get familiar with it before start recording the video?
Did you cover talking point ''It's a new kind of a Word Puzzle Game'' and explain it?
Did you cover talking point ''The game is 5 star rated'' and explain it?
Did you use CTA to encourage your audience to download the game through your link in the description?
Did you cover at least 3 out of 5 points from other talking points? (Many locations, play vs others, design the game with your style, daily rewards, boosters)
Is the duration of the integration video at least 1 minute?
Is tracking link in the above the fold, first sentence in the description: “Download Word Farm Adventure”?
Did you include one of the “Download link in the description” clips in your integration video and in the comment below the video & pin the comment with the link?
Did you appear on the camera for some of the talking points? (If you usually appear on camera in your videos)
Are you sure there’s no YouTube ad during this integration?
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