Philippine Virtual Assistant Services

Is a company offering managed virtual assistant services to different companies in the USA, Europe and Middle East. We help business owners, professionals and other individuals regain control of their time and resources
What are we?
We are not selling promises here. We are promoting only RESULTS. And they say, the best things in life are free because the best things in life are not things, but those which cannot be valued using earthly resources at the moment and one of those is your time and your hardwork.
WE are offering support, help or whatever you call it. WE are offering assistance to get things done because you will never be able to accomplish things on your own. Whether you are an individual trying to get a dentist appointment scheduled, or if you are an office worker wanting to get those scanned information into a spreadsheet, or whether you are doing things manually on your computer and you want an extra set of hands working on things that will simply burn you out, then that is where we come in!

Philippine Virtual Assistant Services is a pioneer in this industry
Do things that matter, leave the rest to PVAs staff!
We help hundreds of businesses grow faster by delegating recurring, mission-critical tasks to dedicated virtual assistants.
PVAs is a rising star in the knowledge process outsourcing industry in the Philippines. Located outside Metro Manila, farther down south of the country, we are the leader in the fully managed, truly dedicated virtual assistant industry because our staff will work for you just like having your own team of dedicated office workers or if you prefer having a singular line of support, we can do that as well!
What PhilippineVAs Do for their Clients
PVAs can do any work that doesn’t require highly specialized knowledge. Need specialized skills? Check out all of our services here.
Track Expenses and Invoices
EmanoKPO Assistant creates or sends statements or invoices, track payments, and record company expenses.
person holding pencil near laptop computer
Manage Personal or Team Calendars
EmanoKPO can manage complex personal and team calendars, and coordinate times for team meetings.
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Perform Web Research and Produce Reports
Your assistant can gather data from different platforms and produce reports and insights as required.
silver iMac with keyboard and trackpad inside room
Answer Phone Calls
Your assistant can handle client calls and proactively help them with solutions as required.
woman using payphone
Handle Internal Support
Wing helps manage projects, conducts internal communication, and organizes company data.
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Handle CRM Tools
Your assistant will store and update records and collect information to be used for marketing operations.
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