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Sales R-Interview Script App
Sales R-Interview Script App

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Sales Representative (MN)
1 Preamble
Hey __________, this is __________ with Everlight Solar, are we connected OK? (turn your video on) My video's gonna be off but I just wanted to say hi so you know I’m a real person. (Pause while they say hi.) Awesome... (turn video off) Are we still connected OK? (make sure they are clear in audio and their video is on, and that you are recording) Perfect, is now still a good time to talk? It’s been a crazy day -doing a LOT of interviews- give me a minute to pull up your information here... how’s your day been so far? Maybe to start us off, in your own words, explain why you're interested in this job? Awesome. What’s the plan, you know where you want to be in a year, or 5 years, or are you in discovery mode? - any ideas on how a role like this can prepare you or take you there? (something to sell the job with)
2 Sales Find Their Why
Very cool... • So, do you have any hobbies? Sports, debate team, farming?... • Awesome, how ‘bout, any fun goals you want to achieve in your life? For example, climb Mt. Everest, visit Australia, run a marathon… you know, anything like that? • Very cool, that’s awesome... You haven't done any door-to-door sales have you? (if non-traditional, find out how much time knocking they actually spent) If they HAVE knocked doors... Awesome, what were you selling? - what company? - what did they pay - backend? - how did you do? - best and worst parts? If they HAVEN’T knocked doors... Do you know anyone who has done door-to-door sales? (you want to know, do they get that this is a valid way to make tons of money? also, this is how they learn it's door to door) IF YES - Sweet, who was it with, what did they sell?... Did they make a ton of money - most people in "real" door-to-door sales do, there are those odd scammy companies who sell knives you can buy from amazon on the door-step pestering people, but in real door to door sales the money is great and, you know, there's no "solar system store" people can go to, this is all custom designed stuff... IF NO - We call it the furnace for sales skills - best thing ever. Seen it a thousand times, the best sales people in any company are the ones who have done door-to-door... ...It's the easiest job in the world. You’re just going around talking to people, but some people hate talking to people. They'd rather be in a room alone. For them it's the worst job ever. They'd be curled up in a ball crying on a door step, just because they don't want to talk to strangers all day... you likely can think of a dozen friends who could never do that, knocking on strangers doors, they'd tell you you were crazy to do it, they'd be in tears - doesn't seem like you would... how do you think you would handle that? We call it the Treadmill of Rejection - have you ever had people say no to you all day? You think you could endure the treadmill of rejection? If you're trying to tell their personality type or need more hook to use to sell the fit later... Any personality profiles or tests you’ve filled out? Myers-Briggs/DISC/Color Code? - What were you? look it up if you have it, and send it to us. If you haven't, if you're close close friends gave you a nick name or made fun of you for how you're most different from them what would it be "the shy one" "the talker"? this gives a sense of their personality type and we can see if it matches the role we are looking at them fo-
3 Sales Position Info Basics
Have you looked at jobs like this recently? Other offers on the table right now?...(pause)... We're pretty open about this stuff, transparency is one of our values so we like talking straight about stuff, we want you to get the best opportunity, whoever it's with. (If they are smart they'll make something up if there's nothing, could be useful intel...) I'm assuming you want to hear a little more about us and how we grow our sales teams?... Perfect... Forbes says solar is the fastest growing industry in the world and we are definitely feeling that wave. It’s huge for our explosive growth. Your office is particularly awesome... (fact to show how awesome it is) NE ... Because it’s a newer territory that’s quickly become the top office - Wade is the best there is at helping you build a 6-figure skillset. It's an exciting time to be in an office with so much growth opportunity. MN ... Because it’s a newer territory that’s quickly become the top office - Jacob is the best there is at helping you build a 6-figure skillset. It's an exciting time to be in an office with so much growth opportunity. WI ... We just opened in Wisconsin at the start of 2019 and sold more systems in our first two months than the entire market sold the year before- we love out-performing… we're a freight train and we don't stop. We are killing it because of our culture. Culture is everything in sales, so we work together as a team and have a very specific way of building leaders on our sales teams... Everyone, really, everyone starts as an SDR (Sales Development Representative) that knocks on doors - we all started on the doors, every leader and executive in the company has knocked doors before. We all know it’s the best place to earn some crazy money and to grow a ton if you want to be in business or an entrepreneur - our leaders sold on the doors and attribute that to their success in business, starting different businesses, and why they were successful enough to come together to start Everlight. If you've ever been in a job where your manager didn't even really know what all you did, then you know how big of a deal it is that every sales staff above you has been amazing at your job and can help you become amazing at it. If they are selling themselves as more concerned about the planet than their wallets... Solar is a critical project for humanity, no matter what you think about our current climate issues - but the only way to move it forward is with an amazing deal for customers and an amazing sales team - we've worked hard to be able to offer most people custom-designed solar installations for basically what they're already spending each month on power - that's hard to do but it requires sales staff hitting the doors - there's no solar store where we all go buy systems... We are winning at this because we are obsessed with making an amazing experience for customers and because we are also obsessed with investing in our sales teams and growing them to their next level. One awesome thing about Everlight's culture - like I said, it’s a meritocracy, it’s all about what you do, even your promotion path is built in, SDR's become a veteran SDR and get a huge pay increase when they hit certain metrics - no waiting around for the old guys to quit to move ahead. What you earn and how fast you can grow is up to you - you can't ever be pushed aside because a co-worked made friends with the boss. Now, so far it sounds like this job could really help you get to the next level - we only want to hire people we can see hiring for their next 4 jobs, or at least we can see them leaving and praising us for helping them get the skill set to be the next big entrepreneur. You want to hear about the compensation for the position and exactly what you'll do? Awesome...
4 Sales Compensation
So it's very basic, in this job you knock on houses and set appointments for the homeowner to sit down with an energy consultant later on to review an awesome proposal for their custom solar system. After you set an appointment, we have our design team custom design a solar system for their roof and geolocation, built around their custom energy use and everything. What's insane is that we turn this around in less that 12 hours - most of our competitors take a week to design a system, but with us your appointments can happen even the same day sometimes - it's cutting-edge stuff, part of the whole system to why we are winning. -So, you set appointments, and an energy consultant comes with a custom design for a house and they close the sale (our EC's have crazy close ratios - because they were all our star door-knocking SDR's remember) and you get paid on the appointments that close. Alright, I'm going to tell you the details - you don't have to remember them now  -then I'll back up and speak to what it actually looks like month-to-month, so you get it, okay? Okay, so we pay our sales staff $50 per kilowatt for every appointment that closes. Then, we have the most aggressive sales accelerator in the industry - a sales accelerator is a way of giving more pay to the people doing all the work. Our sales accelerator is, in every month where you have 6 of your appointments close, from that point on, we double your pay and you make $100/kilowatt. It sounds a little abstract but you can imagine that putting a single solar panel on a dog house to power a water-feeder would give you a lot less commission than putting 30 panels on a big mansion right? Exactly, you got it. Now let me talk about what that really looks like month to month - I'd tell you what our average person makes but first, since transparency is a core value for us, I'll tell you what our lower guys make... First the bottom of the bucket - 2 deals a week: 2-deals a week: $4200/month take home (no waiting) (the early SDRS, if you don’t try too hard) Then more average, if you close 4-deals a week: $10,650/month  (again if you’re here more than 2 months you should be in this regular group) Our guys who really care and who put in the effort, close 6-deals a week $17,000/month... Yes we’ve had reps doing that - some do $20,000 a month The exponential jumps occur because of the sales accelerator, it resets every month. How are you with money? Are you good with saving and planning for investment? Some guys, they buy three trucks and so we want people who can handle money well. Now, if you know anyone who's done door-to-door you've heard about the great pay - let me tell you why - cause it's important to understand why we pay this much. Number 1 - and this is the biggest by far - as I said before, this is hard and most people would never knock on doors all day no matter what you paid them. Lots of people hate the idea of talking to people they don't know - and so the few who can, make a ton of money doing it.  - Think of the friend that would call you crazy for taking a job knocking on doors - they'd be curled on a porch crying. The pay is good for a good reason. For myself....(tell a testimonial about how door-to-door sales sounded crazy but then you did it and earned crazy money - tie it in at the end to their friends who've had a good experience if they have any - -"I made more money in a summer than most make year round ") Number 2 - Everlight is the only solar company we know of that is totally debt free - and we are profitable every month - in fact we don’t do any back-end pay, like I got in pest control, where we only pay you 60% upfront - we pay it all out for SDRs every two weeks - do you know how well we must be doing, how much cashflow we need to generate to be able to pay so many people 20,000 a month?! Number 3, this is also critical - the only way we pay our sales team this much money is that it’s all commission with no caps - we hire you as a 1099, so it’s awesome for taxes, unlike being a W2, so that’s better - and this is why people love working here - when you’re not capped on your commission, the crazy money is in your hands… We aren’t paying people to sit around and not work - unlike your current job where no matter how hard you work you get the same pay, no matter how amazing you do tomorrow, you get what you get - we can pay you more when you do better, that’s why commission is the best way by far. "No baseline salary?" - Nope, and if we changed it, all our sales staff would quit because you couldn’t get 20 grand a month on salary with your resume, no offense. Does the pay make sense and sound fair?   Some like the safety net, some like the crazy money. Would you say you’re more of a laid back type of person who goes with the flow, or more of a relentless competitor who won’t take no for an answer? If you like achievement - then sales is the role for you - we have a whole incentives mountain I wont get into here, except to say it’s stuff like... After your first week of sales where 3 of your appointments close, we get you a free iPhone. It's awesome. 100% commission means much better pay. It's changed my life - I lucked out. I had no idea I could be in the big money club when I got into sales. IF THEY HAVE DONE DOOR TO DOOR BEFORE: ▾ Very different - no backend - • Hard for solar/f to pay upfront • We have no debt, we are profitable and cash flow possible • Unlike other solar companies we can pay your commission upfront : every two weeks • Don’t have to worry is this company solid, are they good for it, no end of summer waiting ▾ No end to job at end of summer - year round huge money • Can switch to part time if you go to college Notes:  Blue raven - paid every Friday - no back end pay - by demo or the hour or something. not closes in your office (wherever they are applying) we've had: someone make x this last week the least a year-round SDR has made a year is 70,000/year
5 Sales Position Info/ Hours
Would you like to walk you through what the work week would actually look like? The schedule is perfect - no punching the clock. First - you don't have to sit around, not earning money while in training with us - you get right to work and we are always training. Every day our sales teams normally meet at 9 AM - you get training and role-play practice, tips from your sales manager who sets custom designed goals for you each week to reach your next level, and we even often film you practicing - you don't get self-awareness like that without watching yourself on film - it’s incredible. Then we are knocking by 10am and knock till 1, the we take a 3 hour break - it’s the best thing for errands and doing stuff in-town like going to the bank, almost no one is around at that time so you'll love it. And then we are back knocking just from 4-8pm so you still have your evening, but you’re knocking when people are actually home so that's awesome. We work only from 10-3 on Saturdays - we don't let anyone do any work on Sundays - some sales guys don't want to stop because of how much money they can make but for us, no work on Sundays. So, all-in-all its ONLY 40 HOURS of knocking, but spread out a bit so we are knocking when people are home. Remember that it's commission so you're not punching a clock, we just know when the best times to knock are. Transparency is one of our core values, so when people aren't putting in the time knocking we are honest with them that they won’t make any money that way and we let people go of course if they are just sitting at 7-11 or playing video games in a parking lot all day instead of working. Do the hours make sense to you so far?
6 Sales From Here and Questions
Now I'd like to walk you through next steps, but before I do I want to hear if there's anything at all that you're concerned about - what questions are most top of mind right now? (if none - "it just means i'm doing my job") Great question, I like it, perfect... (any question they ask) Wow - deep question are you a spy working for another Solar Company? Another good question - that would be perfect for the next call with ___ they can walk you through that step by step - sound good? HOW OLD IS THE COMPANY/ HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN AROUND? -- * awesome perfect question - well it's different in every state, we are the fastest growing solar company and the only one already completely debt free and with the cash flow to be making profit every single month. I'm not going to pretend to know everything or be allowed to shared all our data and metrics but- let's see, we started in the rockies a few years ago... in your office... Wisconsin, we've only been there a couple years and are now the largest residential solar company in the state by far and we’re only in Madison. Minnesota, this is one of newer offices and it’s already dwarfing all our other markets in sales - we love out-performing, we are the only company who turns around custom designs for home solar systems in less than 12 hours for customers - it doesn't matter that we are solid and don’t carry debt, we always act like this is day one - we are all about growth and there is so much opportunity for growth in this company and in this role WHO FOUNDED THIS COMPANY? -- * great question - we are so lucky - Casey and Will and Tony are awesome - they don't stop and they visit all our states like monthly usually - so you'll get to meet them very soon most likely or hear them on our all-hands calls. HOW BIG IS THE COMPANY? -- * great question - well we're no 100,000+ person company like Apple - yet haha - more than 50, i don’t really know exact numbers and i'm not the type of person who says things I don't now - I can tell you we operate across 7 states and are about to launch our 8th one - We are by far the top solar company in Madison and in WI and we only entered the market a year ago but in a month we sold more than the number 2 company sold in an entire year. What we install in every 2 weeks is what the number 2 company installs in 6 months. We just don't stop. ー do you feel like you can thrive in a fast growing company, or are you looking for a job you can coast at more? WHAT’S THE PROMOTION PATH LOOK LIKE? -- Oh man we’re a meritocracy so how fast you move is all on you - we train every day so there really is no excuse except for you to go out there and put in the work - you feel like you’d be able to commit to growth? Do you have that level of ownership where it’s not about politics - it’s just a simple path that really, fewer than average decide to put in the effort to take? HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WORKING HERE? -- I’ve been here over a year - how long have you been at your current or last role? If they’re asking a lot of questions.... it seems like you’re someone who likes to dig in , i’ve got a full day and the next call on the line, is this stuff you can chat through in detail on your next call, or is this stuff you need answered before you feel confident in keeping your name in the running ? -any questions that are burning hot i can help you with so you get what you need? Awesome would you like me to describe what the process looks like from here now, or do you have more questions? Perfect. ...If this is a conversation we both want to keep going the next thing that would happen is ...Myself and a couple others will review the video of this call and others from that pool, the we'll invite some back for interviews with the potential supervising manager. You can always ask a ton more questions there. ...After that call - there might be an offer made - we'd send you to HR to go over some paperwork - not actually paper of course, all digital, we run like a software company we aren't using folders and clipboards here. The docs will have a confidentiality portion and stuff like that to protect you and protect us - lots of companies chasing us try to steal our ideas and secret sauce. ...And then we'd schedule your Pre-Boarding training and determine together at that time what a start date would look like - sound fair?
7 Sales Sell The Fit
Ok, excellent - now, let me share with you what I'm seeing here - you tell me if I'm on track or not... the point of this is to draw all the connections from their WHY to sell them on the job, or to sell them out of this conversation because it's not going to work. Now, I see a lot of matches and connections here... My job isn't to sell you anything or be a gate-keeper stopping people from an amazing career opportunity, transparency is one of our values as I've said and I'm really here to try and get to know you as a person. - I just want to see if this is a great connection for you and great opportunity for you and for Everlight. First thing, I see that you're planning on / ___ which really makes this role a perfect match because... (or doesn't match, because...) You seem to value (growth, transparency, financial stability, personal development)__ am I right? - one of our core values is ______ so its important that I see that in you. I told you this role take ____ kind of person and you're clearly that I see a real match between your experience doing ___ and this role You want to grow in __ and this role is the best way for you to grow in ___ (for myself i've seen...) - you think? It seems like the perfect time for you to do this because you're ____ and this role would help you ____ - agreed?
8 Sales Sell The Fit Continued
- We are extremely picky, we often can interview 200 people a week, and we do that because we need to protect out culture - it's also why you don't here me going on too much about skills. (helps them know why we don't hire them, and helps sell them on the company  and the job match if they do get an offer) - We hire for values, for attitude, we care about people having an amazing attitude who want to get stuff done and who are learners and ready to find their next level - we do things differently, sure experience is important to an extent - but we look more for people who bring the attitude and the grit - the work ethic- and we have the rest, we can teach you the skills - when we find someone with the attitude we value so much, we do what we can to find their fit with us - that helps them be their best self - because when you're doing your best, you're going to be helping us - we've found that doing things this way keeps us moving forward faster than any of our competitors - we're like a rocket-ship - we just never stop This is the hardest job I’ve ever had, but I loved it.... Have I scared you off yet or is this a conversation you want to continue? It seems like this role would help you step up and find your next level - so the question is, are you ready to put in the work it's going to take to get to the next level?
10 Sales Hard Qualify
We are crushing it as the fastest growing startup in the fastest growing industry and our sales teams make so much money... And so I hope it's clear that I don’t want to waste our time if you’re not seriously looking at this as an opportunity to pursue. ... Here’s the thing, I talk to a lot of people and right now you look you’d be on our track to learn to do better than our lower guys, but - we have so many others ready to learn and completely sold on the idea, so tell me honestly - is there any reason why you wouldn't be a good for our team ? Excellent - I'm going to force you haha to put a number on it - 1-10 how excited and sold are you on this opportunity? Good - I don't let anyone pass on from here if they aren't at least an 8 - perfect. IF BELOW 8 - Doesn't sound like you're at the level we are looking for - no worries - think about it more and get back to me ok? This is a 6-figure job but its also takes hard work and if you aren’t sold and hard core enough to grit it out you won't be successful and we have others in line who are ready - sound good?
Excellent - thanks so much ___ I really appreciate you sharing so much about your life and where you are with me - I can see that ___ really is going to be key for you. Thanks again for your time and attention .. Alright you have an awesome day, ok!?
End Quickly
Awesome, I got call coming in now I need to jump on now -thank you so much for your time and attention, I'll make sure the rest of the recruitment team sees this and if they decide to go forward with you, someone will be in touch, sorry i need to run, you have a great day, ok? thanks again, awesome, bye
1 Preamble
Hey __________, this is __________ with Everlight Solar, are we connected OK?
(turn your video on)
My video's gonna be off but I just wanted to say hi so you know I’m a real person.
(Pause while they say hi.) Awesome... (turn video off)
Are we still connected OK?
(make sure they are clear in audio and their video is on, and that you are recording)
Perfect, is now still a good time to talk?
It’s been a crazy day -doing a LOT of interviews- give me a minute to pull up your information here... how’s your day been so far?
Maybe to start us off, in your own words, explain why you're interested in this job?
Awesome. What’s the plan, you know where you want to be in a year, or 5 years, or are you in discovery mode?
- any ideas on how a role like this can prepare you or take you there? (something to sell the job with)
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