Hire Date:
not an editable title, it’s what Bamboo uses to determine when a new hire shows up on the home page, it’s auto-filled as the same date when a candidate get’s moved from Breezy to Bamboo, Bamboo also uses it to allow people to sign docs, it has to be the present date for SDRs signing docs (since they don’t use the hiring packet and it won’t allow them to sign if the date is empty or in the future), but once signed, we delete the date and leave it blank, then change it to match their started date
Contract Effective Date:
this is for dates on agreements - it will be earlier than the start date for people in PreBoarding or doing a trial, it will be the same date for office people, it will change when people get promotions and have a new date on their contract
Started Date - Non Temp Started Date:
this is the start date of their full time job, not the day they started their trial or the day they started preboarding, it is updated on their first day when it’s been confirmed that they showed up
Scheduled Start Date:
this is specifically entered for SDRs when they pass preboarding and set a certain start date - we also use this for other positions and enter the date they plan on starting once they’ve signed their offer

Brit (Recruitment Admin) [Recruitment]
Gwen (Recruitment Interview) [Recruitment]
Wade (WI Sales) [Sales Development - Madison]
Jacob (MN Sales) [Sales Development - Twin Cities/Savage]
Alexandra (Project Management) [Project Management]
Alyssa (Design Team) [Design Team]
Tony (Tech Team) [Tech Team]
Christo (MN Electrical) [Electrical Crew - Savage]
Frank (WI Electrical) [Electrical Crew - Madison]
Mark (Installation) [Panel Crew - Savage]
Colton (Warehouse Assistants) [Installation Operations]
Paul (Finance) [Finance/Legal]
Troy (Marketing) [XM Marketing]
Jaela (Sales Enablement) [Sales - Energy Consultants and SE]
* Department written in brackets, title in parentheses*

LLC discussion:
“Awesome, in that call with HR you'll be going over things like direct deposit and tax forms... will you be filing as a single proprietor or do you plan on filing as an LLC?...
if LLC
.... sweet! Then before that call we'll just need the name of your LLC and the EIN number. Do you have that handy now?
... if no...
no problem, I'll have our HR team reach out to you for that info."




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