Config 2024: Coda + Figma one-pager
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The greatest work happens when teams can diverge and converge on ideas. But when visual & structured thinking live in different tools, how do you unify them?

Bring your designs into docs.
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Stop switching between so many tabs. Embed Figmas & FigJams as pages in Coda — so Product, Design, Eng, Marketing, and Execs can now see everything from specs to designs in a single team hub.

Optimize your design system.
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Document, manage, and critique your Figma designs and variables in Coda tables. Connect Figma to the rest of your stack with Coda’s 600+ Pack integrations. Send next steps to GitHub or Jira, automate Slack updates, and more.

Organize stickies into tables.
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Turn brainstorms and retros into actionable plans by converting FigJam stickies into Coda tables. The widget is bidirectionally editable, which means things like your +1s and reactions will show up in both places.

“Coda & Figma complement each other well. By synchronizing tooling geared toward visual vs. systems thinkers, the integration lets us have the best of both worlds. ”
–– Lawrence Luk, TPM at Figma

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