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Session 4


Working for DAOs:
Conflict resolution:
Legal DAOs:

Session 4: The Future of DAOs

Our guest experts for this session:
Kinjal Shah () is a writer, an Associate on the Blockchain Capital investment & research team and co-founder of Komorebi Collective, an investment DAO focused on funding female and nonbinary crypto founders.
By/featuring Kinjal:

Spencer Graham () is a core contributor at DAOhaus, where he helps with product development, communications, and tokenomics. He is also a member of Raid Guild, and contributes to a number of web3 projects including, CommitPool, and saveDAI. He has worked full-time for DAOs for the past year.
Featuring Spencer:

Working for DAOs


"With an estimated 90 million self-employed workers by 2028 in the U.S. alone, current toolsets are either out-of-date or non-existent for this population of workers. Up to now, virtually all employment and HR technology is designed toward corporations as the primary ‘customer’. That is all about to change as we see the emergence of next-generation Employment Cooperatives like Opolis.
Opolis was designed by those that use it; by independent workers for independent workers. The core characteristics of the Opolis platform are:
The ecosystem is as permissionless as compliance will allow.
For its users, it acts as a benevolent and neutral public utility.
All stakeholder groups are incentivized around community growth.
Value is created and shared equitably by all stakeholders.
The ecosystem is owned by its users and used by its owners.
Members contribute to important decisions about the network."

"With Opolis, freelancers and gig workers everywhere have access to the same health benefits, life and disability insurance, and other services that only corporate employees have had access to traditionally."

Utopia Labs

Requests: Manage your invoices and expenses from your contributors with one link.
Payroll: Execute recurring salaries to your core contributors on autopilot.
Reporting: Automatically organize your transactions through tags for transparent reporting.

Legal DAOs

Ricardian LLC (Delaware)

"Tokenized LLC toolkit using a Delaware Series LLC anchor and NFT minter."

Otoco (Delaware or Wyoming)

"Simply use your Ethereum wallet to spin up a Delaware or Wyoming LLC by sending 39 DAI to the OtoCo company assembly smart contract. Activation is instant without loss of legal validity."
More on legal DAOs:
: example of a DAO organized as a Delaware limited liability company.

"Unlike The DAO, which was arguably an implied partnership that provided members with limited legal protection, The LAO's operating agreement expressly limits the members' liability and limits any fiduciary obligations amongst members, in each case, to the extent permitted by applicable law."

Horizontal organising frameworks

Reinventing Organisations, Teal & the work of Frederic Lalouxw

The excellent with dozens of bitesize videos

Going Horizontal

by Samantha Slade

The Hum

Better Work Together

The role of Source

"Today’s topic looks at the importance of identifying the starting point of an idea or a project. Who was the original creator, the inventor, the initiator (which I shall refer to as the Source)? How are upsets in teams connected to this concept of source? Why do some projects simply not work and why do we often react miffed and protective when it comes to sharing our ideas? And how does it influence hierarchies? Naming the source is not only important to create balance in teams, projects and organizations, but also in our personal relationships and in dealing with us. When I acknowledge the source in someone else, we work together more joyfully and create fewer misunderstandings. If I feel and honour the source in myself and follow it’s natural flow, I am more likely to do “my thing” and experience more wellbeing."

Running great meetings

Feedback & growth

by Manuel Küblböck. More from Manuel:
by Ria Baeck (Percolab Droplets)
by Joshua Vial (Enspiral Tales)

Culture & relating

by Phoebe Tickell (Enspiral Tales)
by Doha Moghrabi (Percolab Droplets)
: Four techniques for deep listening by Samantha Slade (Percolab Droplets)
by Optimi (Enspiral Tales)
By Manuel Küblböck:

Shared care & organising in pods


Conflict, resolution & endings

- a UK based collective developing tools and practices for ending organisations well


"A 10-session course that deep dives into tools and skills to prevent and manage conflict amongst DAO contributors"

The future of DAOhaus: Moloch v3/Baal

Some speculated features:
Full separation of ‘voice’ (voting rights) and ‘exit’ (economic rights)
Optional to make voice and/or exit shares transferable
Voice delegation (even liquid democracy?)
Alternative vote tabulation mechanisms (e.g. quadratic voting)
DAOs able to change their config parameters
DAOs can buy out member shares

Session 4 recording

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