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Getro's User Feedback Tracker

A user feedback tracker to aggregate feedback from your customers. Using Zapier and Intercom, you can tag Intercom conversations right in this doc.
A one-stop-shop for aggregating feedback from your customers
Getting feedback from users is the easy part. But where do you turn at the end of your day when the inbox is full, your support tickets are plentiful, and your surveys results are in? The answer is this doc! We've used to pull in feedback from our email and support conversations to one place so we can really learn from our customers. Couple that with a way to quickly tag and enter manual feedback requests, and we've got an all-in-one user feedback app!
→ Integration with Intercom and Gmail via Zapier found in .
→ For more detailed instructions on how to get started with Coda on Zapier, check out these .
Here's how to get around:
All feedback ever received.
View all tags in the system associated with feedback received.
The product roadmap.
Entry & Tagging Tools
This form is used to add feedback we receive from our clients: feature requests, bugs, etc.
This is the list of incoming feedback (from Intercom & email) that needs to be tagged, ideally by a product owner.
A few interesting stats. We can use these to increase our efforts reaching out for feedback if the number of conversations decrease.
Check all feedback received by a specific tag, and mark when a issue / feature requests has been resolved and circled back to customer!

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