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Hi 👋 – This is Raul San N.H.
If you’d like to collaborate in what I do feel free to .
🚀 What I’m building
: our goal is to become the main platform connecting people to opportunities.
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🏄 Where I am
In Canada 🇨🇦
🔮 Some forecasts
The adoption of digital currencies will outpace the use of fiat currencies.
We will create a solution for climate change. The hardest part of this process will be to clean our dear oceans.
Things kids will learn (at school or at home) from an early age:
emotional intelligence.
spirituality & meditation practices.
systemic constellations.
Robots will do all work that doesn’t require emotional intelligence.
Most people will stop eating meat.
Most people will not need to work to survive and will spend most of their time doing what they love.
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