Replacement of “Marketing Manager" HC in e-Agency

Monsicha (Fai) last day: 30 June 2021
Position : Marketing Manager
To drive the E-Agency business, EGG needs to build team which one of the key person is marketing manager who are real good on the digital and content marketing, understand the strategics to heal the customer pain point. Why is this person important us?

1. Business opportunity or impact by this position: 
* Digital media : The good manager can make the impact of revenue and execution for the content strategy plan, leader of the marketing and graphic team 
* Digital contents : We need to expand revenue from digital contents, campaign marketing of 10-30% as a media target (30-40 MB/Year)
2. We cannot find any persons internally matched and suitable to replace this position. Since, there are no one in ACG that has very good skills and experiences in Social content strategy
3. The cost if using oustsource agency, it’s around 80% of total media cost, so we may benefit only 20% in other word. To control cost is one of the key to complete with our competitors. This role is very vital to E-Agency business, thus we should not rely on the outsource.
4. Strategic imperative: Social media content strategy is the key skills to be built internally for e-agency, must not be outsourced. We need someone who can help us build team.

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