Lepasa $100k Creator's Rewards Program

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Lepasa $100k Creator's Rewards Program

Lepasa launches an exclusive Community Rewards Program for Content Creators, Influencers & Blockchain Enthusiasts.
This program is designed to reward community members with tokens for making valuable contributions to the Lepasa ecosystem.
Lepasa intends to connect with audiences across the world through different types of content. We feel it's important to nurture a talented creative community, which is why we created this Community Rewards program. This program encourages all kinds of creative thinkers to come up with unique ideas and helps them bring these ideas on platforms.

Content Creators: Apply to join our new program. If selected, you will get a chance create an original piece of content (blog post, video, podcast, etc) for Lepasa, or amplify existing content and earn rewards in form of tokens.

Click here to apply


We will review all applicants and select a number of participants for our pilot program. Community members will be given the chance to receive rewards based on their participation in the Community Rewards Program. They will be able to earn points when they share content from Lepasa on social media channels. They will also be able to earn points when they create original content about Lepasa that is published online.

Program Aims

To encourage our community members and help them create quality content.
Grow our community across various Social Media channels


$10-$100 worth of Rewards in LEPA tokens paid out every 7 days depending on the quality of content and reach.
Community Contributors get exclusive early access NFTs with strong utility in our upcoming Lepaverse

Reward Categories

Content Creation across Social Media — Create Static & Video Content and promote them across social media platforms
Content Amplification — Promote our Content across your social media platforms and help build our community
Lepasa Reviews & Walkthroughs — Review Lepasa, and make walkthroughs about our upcoming metaverse or about how to use our NFTs in other metaverses or games
Engagement and Growth — Actively participate in establishing our global communities across world
Influencers — Connect our team with top NFT influencers and bloggers and help them join the Lepaverse
Idea generation — Come up with innovative marketing ideas to promote
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