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Loyalty program providers


Remember Group
Remember Group Notes
LoyaltyTrac Notes
Do they have clients in the Twin Cities that are direct competitors with Buerkle? (NO is good)
Can set up exclusivity for Buerkle brands
Can set up exclusivity for Buerkle brands
estimated $1600/rooftop (see quote from Jeff)
Their own website
Does not have much information
More information than Remember Group, but there are 3 websites, 2 of which have errors (broken links, Latin placeholder text)
Willingness to develop new features as needed
Parts integration
Estimated 8 weeks to integrate, several thousand $ initial setup costs + $180-$500 (total) /month ongoing
Data security and privacy
Import missing member email addresses
Unknown / Ask
Import/export unsubscribe lists (marketing email opt-outs)
Can import & export lists on an ongoing bases
Can do this at program setup. Did not ask if they can do this ongoing, eg 1x/month
Clean invalid email addresses, handle bounces, blacklisting prevention
Automatic bounce cleanup and can export lists as needed
Did not ask; however, they send using SendGrid which probably takes care of this quite well. Bounces and unsubscribes show in email reporting.
Merging/preventing duplicate members
Handling of duplicates seems more advanced.
Reward / Bonus Options
Able to handle 5% earnings in Service
Promo bonuses (special balance with its own expiration date)
Unsure if it is possible to give oil changes as promo balance?
Unsure if it is possible to give oil changes as promo balance?
Gift cards
Did not ask
Birthday-based bonus
Reward to claim by logging in
Has capability & could adapt to meet Buerkle needs
Does not have existing capability
Email reporting
Separate from other program reporting, but all the data is there
Integrated into other reporting
Custom scheduled reports (eg monthly)
All reports on report wish list from 2021
Visual dashboard
New dashboard coming out in next few months, see screenshots
Automated emails, targeting
Able to deliver on all planned emails except a re-send to members who don’t open an email; this is on the roadmap though
Automated emails, content
Above-and-beyond capabilities
MAY be as good as Remember Group, did not ask as detailed of questions
Email newsletters / special campaigns
We suggest campaigns to the dealer if they are not proactive with email marketing.
Postal mail, eg expiration notice for members without email address
Multiple mailhouses, could look into Postalytics API to reduce mailing costs
Not very much information on this
Text messaging
Currently looking into this
Up and running, working on further improvements
Dealer app
We’ve worked with app providers in the past but the struggle is that you need something that customers will actually engage with daily
A few clients have mentioned it and it’s on our roadmap but not in the very near term. Maybe in the next year.
Member area
Better appearance on desktop and mobile, seems more customizable
Only colors and fonts customizable
Handle customer calls about the program
User permission levels
Redeem rewards
Enroll a member
Automatic OR manual enrollment, Sales and Service
Automatic OR manual enrollment, Sales and Service

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