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Body language signals

Signals that can be seen from 50 meters away and won't easy be mixed up.
The first reaction to a signal should be to do what is asked. If you don't understand why the other person is asking you to follow them to shore, just do it, don't argue. You can ask "why" AFTER you are safely on shore.
For each signal, to indicate that it was heard, either ー
repeat the signal to indicate that you understand and will do what is asked, or
Give the A-OK sign (make circle with thumb and forefinger, other fingers straight
Take my kite down and park it ー Pat top of head repeatedly
I want to talk, let's talk ー Point at your mouth with your finger almost touching your face and your mouth open
You're doing great!! ー Pump one fist in the air!
Put the kite in a vertical position ー One-armed hug in the air in front of you
The helper should also always turn the leading edge of the kite to face directly upwind
Don't do that / Abort / Bad idea ー Flat palm, turn back and forth next to throat (think slicing throat motion)
I hear you, wait a minute so I can do that thing you just asked ー Give the A-OK sign
Walk that way ー Point whole arm with arm straight and "walk" two fingers
Stop It means stop right where you are, come to a dead stop. Wait, in your current position, stop all forward movement.ー Push out your flattened palm, fingers pointing up.
Are you OK? / I'm OK (when not launching) ー One arm up high, thumbs up
Go farther that way ー Make a continuous pushing motion with one arm in the direction the person should go
Come here ー Make a continuous scooping motion with one hand towards you
Use the quick release ー Make a motion like you are pulling the quick release
Let's go back to shore ー

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