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The Values Clarification Approach

Every day, every one of us meets life situations that call for thought, decision making, and action. Some of these situations are familiar, some novel; some are casual, some are of extreme importance. Everything we do, every decision we make and course of action we take, is based on our consciously or unconsciously held beliefs, attitudes, and values.
All of us, young and old, often become confused about our values. Yet today we are confronted by many more choices than in previous generations. We are surrounded by a bewildering array of alternatives. Modern society has made us less provincial and more sophisticated, but the complexity of these times has made the act of choosing infinitely more difficult.
Often, our difficulties arise with certain value-rich areas in life. These can be sources of satisfaction, joy, and meaning. Conversely, they can also be sources of confusion and conflict. Or they may be neutral but lived out in habitual, unreflective ways.
Value-rich areas include but are not limited to:
friendship and relationships
money and material success
health (diet, drugs, exercise, etc.)
love and sex
personal tastes (clothes, hairstyle, etc.)
leisure time
politics and social action
aging, death
diversity and identity issues
meaning and purpose in life
To navigate all of this, we have values clarification, which is an introspection & counseling approach designed to help people:
recognize or establish their goals, directions, and priorities
make choices and decisions to achieve their goals, directions, and priorities
take action to implement their choices and decisions and thereby achieve their goals, directions, and priorities

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