Coupa Testing Scope

Current Testing Limitations - Currently, we have full access to mainspring link instance but in order to keep the data clean we are only testing features on develop/ preview stack but not running any regressions which can introduce regressions that can go un noticed until customers report them

Future Testing Plans - We want to set up Coupa instance with test company on Post develop stack. We want to set it up from scratch and be able to perform the following-
Coupa set up via Oauth ( use existing or create new )
Setting up Requisition Sync Mappings in Ironclad
Setting up Contract Syncs in Ironclad
Setting up Call outs ( create new ) in Coupa
Create Ironclad Test Code
Setting up Remote Approvals in Coupa
Configure Custom fields
Add a requisition and Launch Ironclad WF from Coupa
Once it’s setup, we will be using this instance for doing feature testing + weekly regression testing to be able to reduce the regression risks/ bugs. We we will be developing regression test plan for weekly regression after the set up is complete and planning to execute starting Q1.
Proposal - If it helps, we can delete he data/ WF created from Coupa after finishing testing to keep it clean.

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