Reporter Tracker for Multiple Stories
Reporter Tracker for Multiple Stories


Use this cross-story notebook to capture deadlines, next steps, log interview subjects and more
About this doc:
For reporters who juggle multiple stories at once, use this central hub to track the status of stories you’re working on, log interview subjects and capture notes ー all in one place.
This works especially well for freelance journalists who need to pitch stories and monitor feedback at multiple publications.
Try this solutions to ensure you meet your deadlines, keep your source relationships strong and stay organized. No need to keep story seeds in your head, story pitches in email and in-progress stories in separate docs. Use it as a standalone tool or build on top of this template to customize the tracker to your unique story-writing needs.
How to use this doc:
Log all stories you're working on in
Write down contact information for all sources in the and capture any next steps
Capture notes for each story with sub-pages in

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