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Hi Folks 👋 !
Thanks for yor interest in my Engineer Review Process document with
Initial setup & how to use it
Initial Setup
Require to connect a
account that will provide the mail notifications
In Page , fill the people involved in project as :
submiter, who will send document to be review by engineering team
reviewer, who will review the document submited
In page you can define
the name of your project
the maximal duration in review process (according to contract between engineering & work company)
and also configure either you want or don’t want mail notification for both submission an review phase.
This is also the main page, with all active review and submission/review buttons
In page , you can follow the state of each document
How to use it
Submiter people must create document with a single a unique identification key (as a 4 digit number for example) in table
Then, in , create a review with uploading the necessary documents
If this a version 2+, no need to recreate the document, only select it in the select list in
Detailed Documentation about table
Select “Document Unique Key” in the list (from )
Version is automatically increased
Submiter must only select the document name
If the document does not exist, it has to be created first in
Reviewer must select a “status” for review before clicking to “review” button
Submiter and Reviewer come from list
File is up to be filled with document to be reviewed. In the same idea, reviewer can upload comments note and stuff
Green are reviewed, red are late
Elapsed time (and progress bar) shows directly how long you have to review the document (according to the maximal time of your contract, you can personnalize in the top of page
Personnalize you approval status if needed
Just summarize the historical review, grouped by approval status
Create document with a single key and title, and choose a category from
“Current review” gives the last status of review (allow to quickly see the current status)
By click in a document, you can see all informations and the historical review process
Personnalize the categories of your document to easily sort and attribute to reviewe
Companies involved in project process
Check submiter/reviewer for people to appear in the suggestion of table
Check “Rec. Sub. Mail” for people to receive a mail when a submission is made
Check “Rec. Rev. Mail” for people to receive a mail when a review is made
By clicking in a people, you can see all review/submission he as done
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