Our mission

Accounting is stuck in the past...🎩
It's not delivering for accountants. They face arbitrary decisions in their career, practice or industry, management accountant or financial accountant, that are based on how things worked in the past. It's not providing the variety and impact they deserve.
It's not delivering for the most innovative companies in our society. They need finance to set the beat for sustainable growth. Instead they have to choose between accounting firms who are focused on backward looking reporting, or trying to hire one person and expecting them to know everything.
We're bringing accounting into the future.
We're not an accounting firm...🚫
In fact we're so different in the way that we think and act that we don't consider ourselves an accounting firm at all.
We started with a blank piece of paper, and invented a service that delivers for business and for accountants. We provide our partners with a mix of skill-sets, in their offices, when they need it; supported by the right methodology and systems.
Our mission is to build fulfilment at work.
We're building a world where finance is the function of the future, not the past... Where every accountant has a meaningful career and every business the systems for growth.
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