Plato x SaaSTR Fund

What is Plato and How it works
Plato is helping engineers becomes better leaders (CTO, Engineering Managers, Directors ...) thanks to a community of mentors and a dedicated Talent Coach. Plato is not only a catalog of mentors, it’s a program that is dedicated to be as hands-on as possible. A Talent Coach will do a first assessment with you and will match you with the best mentors given your stage and challenge.
Who are the mentors and will I be able to talk to all of them?
Here is a list of all mentors availalble in the platform
WIth a Plato subscription you’ll b able to talk to all the mentors.
Is it adapted to early-stage founders?
Yes! Many of our mentors (~20%) have been founders in the past, (list
Many of our mentors are CTO/Cofounder (list
Some examples include:
And many others
How much does it cost and how much is covered by SaaSTR?
One subscription is $3,000 for the year (250$ per month) per seat for unlimited access to mentors, one talent coach and one long term mentor (meeting once per week).
As part of SaaSTR Portofolio, the cost will be covered for one seat for one year.
If you’re interested to use Plato for several of your team members, let the Plato team know and you’ll negotiate directly with them. If you want to continue to use Plato after this first year, then it’ll be at your charge. But hopefully, after 1 year, you’ll realize the benefits of Plato and the benefits of talking to mentors in general!

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