Plato Engineering Career Ladders

Engineering Career Ladder v1.0

This doc is to share Engineering Career Ladders that we gathered from our community of the best tech companies. Do you have feedback about this doc? Email me:

Individual Contributor
Carreer Ladder:
Rent the runway Manager

Career Ladder
Technical Skill
Communication & Leadership
// Tech Lead
Scales themselves by delegating effectively; ensures tasks are completed as specified without micromanaging
Focused on and responsible for the team's productivity and collective impact
Makes independent decisions for the team;
is actively learning how to handle difficult management situations
Contributes to the career development of others
When the tech lead is acting as the reporting manager to others, the tech lead is expected to meet regularly with their direct reports, provide frequent feedback on their work, help the individuals set goals and work with the engineering lead or director to ensure employee growth and retention goals
// Engineering Lead
Understands and practices agile software development and management
Produces quality metrics on the SDLC process Ensures team software is monitorable and HA
Proactive in identifying and clearing roadblocks for the team
Continues to contribute bug fixes and small features without becoming a bottleneck for the team
Excels at getting the team to focus on the highest-impact projects
Able to lead recruiting efforts and determine headcount for their team Partners effectively with product to manage scope and delierables for the technical side of the product roadmap
Manages independently; communicates context to the team and surfaces requirements to upper management
Sets clear expectations for team members; solicits, synthesizes and delivers feedback Communicates timeline, scope and technical concerns to pillar partners. Leads delivery of major initiatives on clear timelines Able to identify areas of strategic technical debt and provide cost/benefit analysis for eliminating this debt and suggested timelines for how to prioritize it Comfortable managing team members with different skill sets and technical areas of focus
// Engineering Director
Ensures their organization has appropriately high technical competence and strives for excellence Researches new technologies to stay abreast of industry trends and standards. Capable of jumping in to help debug and triage critical systems as needed. Contributes to architecture by asking the right questions to ensure architecture matches business needs for the area
Develops and deploys new strategies for building a high velocity, high performance development organization in line with our emerging customer needs. Supports technical innovation and leads the creation, continual refinement, and active enforcement of our development standards in order to ensure that our technology can be leveraged as a sustainable competitive advantage. Participates in staff recruitment, performance assessments, training, and career development. Responsible for all headcount planning and personnel evolution for multiple areas of the engineering organization. As necessary, the director manages vendor and external relationships for their organization, and participates in the budgeting process
Provides leadership to software development managers, addresses technical, resource and personnel issues. Proactively nurtures the talent of the senior staff in their areas. Builds and supports high functioning, motivated teams. Creates an organization that understands how to balance technical debt vs business goals.
Collaborates across functional areas to define, prioritize and ensure implementation of specific innovations to improve technical functionality in support of business needs, efficiencies and revenue. Able to communicate technical concepts to business stakeholders as well as communicate business objectives to the technical team. Leverages past experience and uses strong communication skills to collaborate effectively with all stakeholders including customers, senior management and other business leaders. Sells Rent the Runway as a company and their organization as a team to potential candidates. Inspires potential recruits to join the company. Owns the OKR setting and review process for teams under their oversight
// VP of Engineering
// Exec
Setting Company-wide Technical Direction
Setting Engineering Organizational Priority
Ensures the architecture being build can support multiple future possibilities of the business
Puts the S in GSD
Capable of identifying business growth opportunities enabled by technology and executing against those opportunities
Communicates executive-level strategy and helps break down business directives into technology goals

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